English Premiership Sees Increased Action

Football_StandsMany bookmakers are reporting stronger that normal numbers on the back of the English Premiership’s weekend fixtures.

Saturday’s games saw higher than average action across the board and the two big games from today also generated some very healthy numbers.

In particular, the Liverpool V. Everton derby game at Goodison Park saw a lot of betting activity. This particular derby fixture generally tends to be popular with punters but was even more so this time out.

Some of this this could perhaps be put down to the fact that Liverpool have been under-performing this year and this sentiment seemed to reflected somewhat in the betting although the effect of this will obviously have been softened by Everton’s recent run of extremely poor form as well.

A lot of betting activity was also generated by the big London derby today Between Chelsea and Arsenal. Betting here was also up but not by the same degree as the Merseyside derby game.

While some of the games over the weekend did not go the way the bookmakers would have liked, overall they will have been very happy with the higher level of activity.