As Bitcoin Surges, New Contests At Nitrogen Sports Are Announced

Baseball calls them “post-hype prospects”. Players who have dominated the minor leagues, gotten called up to The Show, and proceed to immediately fall on their face. The sheen wears off, and fans forget all about the underlying skills that made them prospects in the first place. The prospect, on the other hand, has overcome his earlier troubles and is now a solid major leaguer.

Bitcoin has entered the post-hype phase of its ‘career’. First a steady increase through the cryptocurrency system, then a meteoric rise to over $20,000 in December 2017, followed by a slow bleeding that was saw its price dip down to $3,200. The once hot prospect had blew out its arm. The strong survive, however, and bitcoin has slowly climbed back up to the $5,600 range.
Through the ups and downs of bitcoin, Nitrogen Sports has weathered the storm. Initially opening up as a fiat sportsbook in 2012, Nitrogen added a bitcoin deposit option in March 2013. They moved exclusively to bitcoins after launching in November 2013.

In the six years since the switch to cryptocurrencies, Nitrogen has built a loyal base of uses and won industry praise for their timely payouts and willingness to take on all comers. Nitrogen does not require user names, allowing anonymity to its customers. Hand in hand with this anonymity is a lack of deposit bonuses; bonus whores have no need to open multiple accounts using multiple names because bonuses are non-existent.

Instead of offering deposit bonuses, Nitrogen focuses on contests that reward its loyal customers. The upcoming NBA and NHL finals are a great example of this; over 10 BTC ($56,000) will be given away to customers if both the championships finals conclude with sweeps or go to the seventh game.

If the finals don’t end in sweeps or go Game 7s, there will still be prizes handed out. Nitrogen will be giving away 0.06 BTC* for each game played during the finals in both leagues. For example, if the NBA Finals ended in Game 6 and the NHL Finals went to a Game 7, there will be .78 BTC in the prize pool (13 games * .06 BTC).

Qualification for these contests are simple. A player must make a four-leg parlay on the NBA or NHL during the playoffs. The minimum bet is .002 BTC. Players must submit a betslip with their contest submissions, and have an email address on file that is linked to the Nitrogen account.

Another contest, already underway, is called the NBA x NHL Crossover Parlay Promo. Players simply need to tweet a valid 6-leg parlay betslip link on Twitter with the hashtag #NitroNBAxNHL. The NBA x NHL parlay must consist of at least 3 NBA lines and at least 3 NHL lines, and runs until the conclusion of the NBA finals. Up to two entries per week during the playoffs can be submitted each week. Win or Lose, players can earn up to a 0.02 BTC free bet weekly during the promotion.

Bitcoin books like Nitrogen offer a special incentive to bettors. Since wagers are done in BTC, a rise in bitcoin prices also means high payouts for winners. This usually isn’t a big deal in daily wagering. While the price of bitcoin fluctuates greatly, there are limits to how fast it will grow in one day. Future bettors, however, can reap the reward of a bitcoin price surge. If the price goes high, so will the winnings. The opposite is true, obviously, but believers in bitcoin don’t have to get trade his bitcoin for fiat money in order to make a bet. In the long run, that’s the value Nitrogen adds to the betting world.