March Madness Gambling:, A Good Option for Sports Bettors

The NCAA tournament is just around the corner, and with the Madness comes the gambling and the brackets. March Madness is Madness only because of the brackets and gambling. Without the brackets, obscure games involving mediocre college basketball teams would have as much interest as MLB spring training games currently taking place. Throw a point spread or bracket into the mix, however, and you’ll see millions of Americans skipping work to watch schools like Kansas State facing off against the likes of Butler or Creighton.

Sportsbooks that focus on bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are in prime position to take advantage of these spot bettors. The ease and simplicity of sending bitcoin to fund your wagers are what sets bitcoin sportsbooks apart from other typical internet sportsbooks.

One prime example is Jetwin, one of the oldest crypto-currency casinos in the world, opened its doors as a bitcoin sportsbook in 2013. It has expanded its offerings to a live casino as well as slots. Live dealer games include baccarat, roulette, blackjack, and casino hold ‘em. The casino slots games, provided by Endorphina, is also provably fair, meaning players can actually verify that the games offered are on the up and up. With its casino games, Jetwin offers players the options of playing in traditional currencies like the Euro or US dollar

Jetwin has added other cryptocurrencies to its Cashier page. Litecoin, commonly referred to as “silver to Bitcoin’s gold”, offers a fast and cheap way to fund an account. Dash coin, focused on providing its users higher degrees of privacy than bitcoin, is also accepted by Jetwin. Deposits in Litecoin and Dash are converted to bitcoin by Jetwin. Gamblers make all wagers in bitcoin.

A wide range of sports are available for pregame wagering for sports gamblers. Even better is Jetwin’s live betting. From Swiss hockey to women’s soccer, Jetwin has a tremendous number of games where a bettor can make in-game wagers at competitive prices. No other btc book offers as many in-play matches as Jetwin, they report.

Players who worry about anonymity have also found a home at Jetwin. There is no “Know Your Customer” procedure to deal with. While this also means sign-up bonuses are non-existent, Jetwin has come out with an alternative promotion designed to reward its bettors with free bets.

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$ 10 – $ 19.99* $ 1 FreeBet
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Monday CBB Report: Odds to Win NCAA Title

Bookmaker has released its odds on which team will win the National Title in college basketball this year. Virginia, Michigan State, Duke, Villinova, and Michigan are the front runners with less than one week to go before Selection Sunday.

Team, Odds
Alabama +38500
Arizona +1950
Arizona State +40000
Arkansas +30000
Auburn +4650
Baylor +32500
Boise State +200000
Butler +17500
Cincinnati +2350
Clemson +15500
Creighton +27000
Duke +610
Florida +5700
Florida State +15500
Gonzaga +2700
Houston +16000
Kansas +1850
Kansas State +50000
Kentucky +5000
Louisville +21500
Miami Florida +17000
Michigan +1550
Michigan State +585
Middle Tennessee +32500
Mississippi State +120000
Missouri +9000
NC State +18500
Nebraska +120000
Nevada +19000
New Mexico State +65000
North Carolina +1950
Notre Dame +20000
Ohio State +8500
Oklahoma +15500
Oregon +42500
Providence +120000
Purdue +1030
Rhode Island +9500
Saint Marys +15000
Seton Hall +15000
SMU +200000
Syracuse +42500
TCU +21500
Tennessee +5000
Texas +28500
Texas A&M +15000
Texas Tech +5000
UCLA +26500
UNLV +180000
USC +25500
Villanova +525
Virginia +525
Virginia Tech +28500
West Virginia +3300
Wichita State +2750
Xavier +1500

Kansas Basketball: Coach Bill Self Hopes Team Learned a Lesson

The Kansas Jayhawks got whipped up on Saturday by the Oklahoma State Cowboys, losing 82-64 in its last game of the regular season. Head coach Bill Self hopes his team has learned a lesson on handling pressure from athletic teams.

“They just dominated us physically,” Self said. “We watched the tape. We actually played better this game than we did the first time we played them, and they beat us 18. How are we going to handle pressure and how our guys are going to be able to get open one pass away, that seems like pretty elementary stuff. But it’s hard to simulate that in practice.

Self had been pleased with the Jayhawks intensity prior to the Saturday.

“I actually thought that we had a good mindset going to Stillwater based on our practices, and we go down there, and we got pumped because no matter how our mindset was, theirs was a lot better, and they played hungrier than we did,” he said.

He also says nine of the ten conference teams deserve a tournament bid. “In this tournament, nine teams deserve to be in the NCAA Tournament. You can say that. I don’t see how you could say Oklahoma State does not. I mean, they’ve got too many great wins. But you can positively say that.”

Self is always looking forward to playing the winner of the Oklahoma/Oklahoma State game in the Big 12 tournament.

“We’ve lost three of four against those two, and really Oklahoma State has handled us easily for the most part as Big 12 games go. They’ve controlled both of those games. We’ll prepare for both, but the biggest thing I think we need to prepare for is us. We’re not going to be able to practice specifically for knowing who’s going to win the game until we actually play the game. I mean, there’s our practice on Wednesday is before the game happens. We won’t practice on Thursday morning. We’ll try to get ready in theory and in principles on how we would guard and attack both teams, you know, on Monday and Tuesday.

But I think they’ll both be challenges. But I also think they’ll both be fun. No matter who we play, there should be an incentive for a lot of reasons. One, we lost in the first round last year; two, if you get a chance to play OU, you get a chance to go against the leading scorer, leading assist guy in the country in Trae. If you play Oklahoma State, you get a chance to play against somebody that’s obviously handled us twice. So hopefully there will be plenty of motivation on our end.”