Shedding Handicappers

When we last looked at RJ Bell’s fleecing shack, it wasn’t too impressive. 20 of the 26 handicappers in Bell’s stables were losers over the course of the study, surprising news when one accounts for the creative accounting done by

A lot has changed in the two months since the article was published. Johnny Detroit has decided to “go back to college”. Vegas Runner, with his dozens of made up syndicates and steamers, has gone from one shady site to another. Marco D’Angelo jumped ship. Denver Money said adios. More are ready to bail, according to the rumors.

There is a good reason for the defections. You can’t put lipstick on a pig. RJ Bell hires swines to be his gambling experts, then is forced to cut them loose once they are exposed as fast talking coin-flippers with no understanding of what it takes to win as a sports bettor.

But that’s OK in’s world. There is never a pig shortage when it comes to sports betting touts. A degenerate gets fattened up by Bell’s media enablers, then quietly slaughtered for bacon when he’s exposed as a fraud.

We are now tracking 24 of’s pros. Of those 24, sixteen are net losers even before counting the pick-buying fees. The list:

Still Active at
Tony George: 133 wins, 146 losses, -$4548
Fezzik : 134-120, -1732
Rocky Atkinson : 116-118, -5421
Joe Gavazzi : 299-280, -7835
JR O’Donnell : 475-445, -4470
Andy Iskoe : 193-194, -8063
Ken Thomson : 158-142, -1670
Bryan Leonard : 221-233, -7839
Greg Shaker : 520-508, -4953
Chuck Edel : 173-174, -4672
Scott Spreitzer : 378-317, -987
Stephen Nover : 211-232, -8097

Turned into Bacon:
Vegas-Runner : 448-400, -4710
Marco D’Angelo : 281-278, -6022
Denver Money : 168-167, -2175
Johnny Detroit : 68-74, -2535

So a few touts go, a few more come in. Dave Cokin, a Jim Fiest veteran, is the new phenom. He’s been a sports bettor for decades. Note to all: there is a reason why a lifelong gambler is selling picks. It isn’t because he’s a winner.

RJ Bell is still getting his brand out there on radio. Lazy radio talk show hosts usually don’t care what he says as long as he’s interesting. But RJ is still stuck. He knows his handicappers are losers. With most touts, hiding in the dark recesses of an extended stay Vegas hotel, that’s OK. With, not so much. Thanks to ESPN and Colin Cowherd, the sun shines brightly on RJ, Fezzik, and friends. They may claim to be sports betting experts, but when light comes on and money is counted, we find out that’s not the case.

But Bell is working it out. The solution looks to be a two-tier trick. Pregame can sell different levels of picks to different audiences. One level will show some transparency, with picks posted to the public a few hours after the game has started. The second level will show no such transparency. And that’s where the typical tout tricks can be used. This program, called Bet Like a Pro, started last year using Fezzik as the guinea pig.

The results: while Fezzik is down big with his public plays, he claims to be a huge winner with his private plays. Those private plays are available to all for just $1,000 a month.

One born every minute, as the saying goes. In order for to survive, that will have to be the case.