John Rocker Visits Reddit

Former Atlanta Braves reliever John Rocker took a time out from his busy schedule to do an “Ask Me Anything” chat at Reddit today, and surprisingly, it wasn’t pretty.  Among the breaking news: he’s generous when it comes to giving away batteries, he feels bad for Alex Rodriguez, likes diversity when cultures assimilate, and once dated Dennis Martinez’s daughter.


Q; What did you do with all the batteries that the Mets fans threw at you during the ’99 playoffs?

Rocker: I give the batteries to your girlfriend for her vibrator


Q: Did you ride the 7 train for yourself after you made those comments to see for yourself if your assumptions were correct?

Rocker: I rode the 7 train, about 40x before making those comments, so my comments weren’t assumptions, they were what I saw


Q: Has your opinion of New York changed since your moronic rant?

Rocker: no, especially with jack-offs like you


Q: Thanks for apparently inspiring the character of Kenny Powers. Other than that, you can fuck right off.

Rocker: What have you inspired besides numerous abortions.

Q: Why do you like reddit? And what is your thoughts on this scandalous PED drama from yesterday?
A-Rod…is he really a dick like the media makes him out to be?

Rocker: Alex is actually a friend of mine and I feel for him with all of the stuff he’s dealing with. He’ll get through it, but his career and legacy will never be the same. He’s a good dude and it’s very unfortunate how things are ending for him.


Q: Why don’t you consider the racial diversity in New York City a good thing?

Rocker: I have no problem with diversity. I do have a problem with the intentional lack of a willingness to assimilate. I have lived abroad in Puerto Rico 3 times, Mexico and Venezuela once and when I lived abroad I conformed to the culture I was in and never expected them to conform to me. I feel it shows a great amount of disrespect to your hosts if you expect them to conform to you. I feel that immigrants of past generations understood that the only way for them to truly realize everything this great nation has to offer was to assimilate. I feel that realization is lost on the majority of our modern immigrants. I lived in the most diverse space you can imagine (a professional baseball clubhouse) for 13 years of my life. I was surrounded by diversity all day every day. I loved it. Making no effort to assimilate to the heritage of a country I love and you volunteered to immigrate to simply offends me.


Q: Follow up: when in your life did you realize your racism? Did that contribute to your growing homo- and xeno- phobias?

Rocker: Racist? If dating 3 black women, Denis Martinez’s daughter who is Nicaraguan and god knows how many women from Puerto Rico and Venezuela makes me a racist then I guess you got me. How does it feel being a sheep who is spoon fed every opinion you have by some blathering talking head on TV. Did or do you ever find it odd that the only people that ever accused me of being a racist were journalists; the majority of which had never and have never met me. Do you have any idea how many teammates, ex-teammates, ex-girlfriends, hometown friends etc. were interviewed by media non of which ever supported the accusations the media so desperately wanted confirmed. Don’t worry about the truth little sheep. The dark is much more comforting for people like you.


Q: John, I was at a Braves game earlier and found a fan that had a custom Rocker jersey. People in the stands were offering the guy $150, $200 to buy it right off his back. I thought that was pretty interesting.

Rocker: It’s good to know that there are still a few idiots left in this world.


Q: Have you ever fucked any fat girls?

Rocker: Not unless you consider you’re mom fat. 


Q: Why do you have such a potty mouth?

Rocker: Because I’ve grown up dealing with despicable shitheads; so many of whom we have formally met today. If you don’t like it; go and fucking do something else.


Q: You generated a ton of controversy when you said you took steroids, then said, “let’s be honest here, who wasn’t?” Two questions: 1) Were there any baseball players who are normally viewed as “clean” by fans and the media who juiced and 2) How do you think Major League Baseball has handled the PED issue, especially in light of the recent Biogenesis suspensions.

Rocker: Well the guys I know who were thought to be clean that I know weren’t I’m certainly not going to out in a ridiculous forum like this. As far as the handling by MLB it seems there doing the best they can. One way to fix the problem for good is to have a positive PED test nullify a player’s contract which would give the team the opportunity to void all fiscal responsibility. That would grab your attention as a player.

Q: Why are you here? No one likes you.

Rocker: You can tell more about someone by who his enemies are as opposed to who his friends are. It would say a lot about me as a person if idiots like you people who obviously have nothing better to do on a Tuesday afternoon than play on your computer actually liked me. I’m here because I’m retired at the age of 38. You’re here because your a 35 year old waiter who lives in his mom’s basement and have nothing better to do. Talk shit when you’ve actually done something with you’re life you useless shit.


Busted: Minneapolis Airport’s Gambling Experiment Is an Early Failure

It sounded like a good idea at the time. Looking for alternative ways to help fund the new Minnesota Vikings stadium, the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport became one of the first airports in the nation to launch electronic gambling earlier this year. Estimates projected that the Ipad and pulltab games would bring in $3 million in 2013. That has proven to be a bit optimistic, however. Passengers have spent $33,586 since January, and just $1,900 in profits.

There is plenty of blame to go around for the early failure. The games were delayed for a few months while the airport added new software and wireless connections for the public. With these delays, the games weren’t put into full operation until May. The airport also believes many potential customers were not aware of the games, or were unsure how the games worked. Staff at the six bars and restaurants will be trained on how to encourage their customers to play the games, and signs will be posted outside the bars announcing the availability of e-gambling.

Potential customers offer other reasons. “The e-tabs are terrible, unlike regular pulltab games,” says one commentator. Another offers up similar complaints. “Pull tabs may have been fun a decade or two ago.  No more. Entertainment from that method of gambling? Not really; for anyone with a smartphone they have far more exciting, free, ways to kill a few hours than feeding some pull tab thingie.”

Only two of the six locations in the airport are getting much action. The airport is focusing on the other four sites. “If we can get the other four sites to their level, then we’ll be in business,” said Jana Vaughn, executive director of the MSP Airport Foundation. “It’s a daunting task. This is hundreds of people getting one-on-one training. But we think this will ultimately be successful.”

Of the $33,586 spent so far on the games, 85 percent was returned to players as prizes, said Vaughn. After paying rent to the bar, rent for the equipment, and taxes to the state, the foundation earned about $1,900 for its projects at the airport, she said. Left unsaid was the expense of getting the system set up.

But the experiment will go on. On Monday, the Metropolitan Airports Commission (MAC) committee voted to let the gambling continue. The commission had approved a six-month run in January. The full MAC board is expected to approve the six-month extension at its next meeting.

Kershaw and the Dodgers Face Off Against the Struggling Cardinals in Tuesday’s Marquee NL Matchup

Los Angeles Dodgers (-148) at St. Louis Cardinals (+136, 7 O/U )

The sizzling Dodgers, winners of a franchise record 15 straight road games, will send their ace to the mound against the struggling St. Louis Cardinals. Left-hander Clayton Kershaw, 10-6 with a 1.87 earned run average in 2013, will be the starting pitcher for the Los Angeles Dodgers in their road matchup with the St. Louis Cardinals. Kershaw is coming off eight scoreless innings against the Yankees and arguably is having an even more dominant season than in 2011, when he won the NL Cy Young Award. He went 4-1 with a 1.34 ERA in six July starts to earn National League Pitcher of the Month honors. The lefty leads the Majors with a 1.87 ERA and will be pitching on six days’ rest. The Dodgers, 13-10 in his starts, have gone under 61% of the time in those starts.

Right-hander Joe Kelly will take the mound for the home team and hopes to repeat his last outing, when he snapped a seven-game skid for St. Louis. Kelly has a 1.49 ERA since June 1, the lowest in the Majors among pitchers with a minimum of 40 innings pitched. He hasn’t allowed a run in 15 innings heading into tonight’s game. The Cardinals have gone over the total in 60% of his starts. Forecasts are calling for 82°F temperatures with winds blowing in at 6 mph. The humidity will be around 72%. There is a 30% chance of precipitation.

Los Angeles Dodgers versus Kelly: 25 years old right-hander, 6’1” 165 pounds. Throws: fastball, slider, changeup, curve

Runs per game (league ranking), 29 (3.37 per game) : Home Runs, 26 (20 HRs)

    Bat Ave, 15 (.250) : OB%, 7 (.327) : Slugging, 28 (.362)

      Walks, 7 (3.5 per game) : Strikeouts, 25 (6.8) : Stolen Bases, 23 (11 SBs)

      Last seven games, 8 (.730 OPS) : Last 14 games, 4 (.788 OPS) : Last 28 games, 4 (.758 OPS)

        Versus Righties, 14 (.721 OPS) : Versus lefties, 7 (.730 OPS)

          Home, 24 (.683 OPS) : Away, 2 (.763 OPS)

            1st Inning Production, 19 (.704 OPS)

              Facing a Power Pitcher, 11 (.694 OPS) : Facing a Finesse Pitcher, 25 (.726 OPS)

                Facing a fly ball pitcher, 11 (.748 OPS) : Facing a ground ball pitcher, 14 (.714 OPS)

                  Run Production at Night, 11 (.732 OPS) : Run Production During Day, 15 (.702 OPS)

                    First five innings, 14 (.737 OPS) : 6th to 9th Innings, 17 (.687 OPS)

                      St. Louis Cardinals versus Kershaw: 25 years old left-hander, 6’3” 215 pounds. Throws: fastball, slider, curve, changeup

                      Power Pitcher

                      Runs per game (league ranking), 10 (4.54 per game) : Home Runs, 24 (21 HRs)

                        Bat Ave, 15 (.250) : OB%, 20 (.311) : Slugging, 26 (.370)

                          Walks, 26 (2.7 per game) : Strikeouts, 24 (6.6) : Stolen Bases, 28 (8 SBs)

                          Last seven games, 15 (.677 OPS) : Last 14 games, 22 (.671 OPS) : Last 28 games, 13 (.712 OPS)

                            Versus Righties, 6 (.757 OPS) : Versus lefties, 17 (.695 OPS)

                              Home, 10 (.752 OPS) : Away, 8 (.733 OPS)

                                1st Inning Production, 16 (.733 OPS)

                                  Facing a Power Pitcher, 15 (.657 OPS) : Facing a Finesse Pitcher, 3 (.808 OPS)

                                    Facing a fly ball pitcher, 9 (.752 OPS) : Facing a ground ball pitcher, 14 (.714 OPS)

                                      Run Production at Night, 5 (.756 OPS) : Run Production During Day, 11 (.707 OPS)

                                        First five innings, 10 (.750 OPS) : 6th to 9th Innings, 8 (.709 OPS)

                                          Aces Takes the Mound as Tigers Try to Bury Cleveland

                                          Detroit Tigers (+100) at Cleveland Indians (-108, 7.5 O/U )

                                          The Detroit Tigers, fresh of a stunning comeback against Indians’ closer Chris Perez, will go for the tenth straight win tonight in a matchup between AL Central contenders. The Tigers extended their division lead to four games with last night’s win. Right-hander Justin Verlander takes the mound tonight for the road team Tigers. He is 11-8 on the year with a 3.88 ERA. Verlander’s fastball command remains inconsistent, but his curveball is becoming an out pitch for him again when he works ahead in the count. His six innings of one-run ball on Wednesday against Washington broke his two-game skid.
                                          “I felt like I had some strides forward today,” Verlander said after his last start. “My curveball has been better and that’s a good sign, but with some of the adjustments I’ve made, I lost a little bit of feel for my fastball, but that’ll come.” The Tigers are 12-11 in games started by him, and have gone over 68% of those games.

                                          The Cleveland Indians will send right-hander Justin Masterson out as their starter; he has a 15-8 record so far in 2013. The All-Star sinkerballer has won three straight starts and thrown four straight quality starts. In his last four starts, Masterson has 29 strikeouts, nine walks and a .158 batting average against. At Progressive Field, he is 8-2 with a 2.54 ERA in 13 starts, though one of those losses was to the Tigers on July 5. The Indians, 15-8 in his starts, have gone over 36% of the time in those starts. Forecasts are calling for 78°F temperatures with winds blowing out to left field at 7 mph. The humidity will be around 58%. There is a 20% chance of precipitation.

                                          Detroit Tigers versus Masterson: 28 years old right-hander, 6’6” 250 pounds. Throws: fastball, slider, changeup

                                          Ground Ball, Power Pitcher

                                          Runs per game (league ranking), 6 (4.96 per game) : Home Runs, 23 (23 HRs)

                                            Bat Ave, 2 (.279) : OB%, 4 (.345) : Slugging, 12 (.406)

                                              Walks, 5 (3.7 per game) : Strikeouts, 23 (7) : Stolen Bases, 25 (10 SBs)

                                              Last seven games, 5 (.819 OPS) : Last 14 games, 1 (.820 OPS) : Last 28 games, 2 (.785 OPS)

                                                Versus Righties, 3 (.784 OPS) : Versus lefties, 1 (.786 OPS)

                                                  Home, 1 (.825 OPS) : Away, 4 (.745 OPS)

                                                    1st Inning Production, 1 (.855 OPS)

                                                      Facing a Power Pitcher, 1 (.753 OPS) : Facing a Finesse Pitcher, 2 (.823 OPS)

                                                        Facing a fly ball pitcher, 2 (.777 OPS) : Facing a ground ball pitcher, 14 (.714 OPS)

                                                          Run Production at Night, 2 (.784 OPS) : Run Production During Day, 3 (.785 OPS)

                                                            First five innings, 1 (.867 OPS) : 6th to 9th Innings, 26 (.669 OPS)

                                                              Cleveland Indians versus Verlander: 30 years old right-hander, 6’5” 225 pounds. Throws: fastball, changeup, slider, curve

                                                              Runs per game (league ranking), 4 (5.04 per game) : Home Runs, 3 (36 HRs)

                                                                Bat Ave, 5 (.270) : OB%, 5 (.336) : Slugging, 2 (.463)

                                                                  Walks, 16 (3.4 per game) : Strikeouts, 18 (8.2) : Stolen Bases, 17 (13 SBs)

                                                                  Last seven games, 13 (.689 OPS) : Last 14 games, 5 (.761 OPS) : Last 28 games, 13 (.712 OPS)

                                                                    Versus Righties, 11 (.736 OPS) : Versus lefties, 3 (.764 OPS)

                                                                      Home, 10 (.752 OPS) : Away, 6 (.738 OPS)

                                                                        1st Inning Production, 10 (.780 OPS)

                                                                          Facing a Power Pitcher, 7 (.705 OPS) : Facing a Finesse Pitcher, 22 (.736 OPS)

                                                                            Facing a fly ball pitcher, 12 (.730 OPS) : Facing a ground ball pitcher, 14 (.714 OPS)

                                                                              Run Production at Night, 17 (.719 OPS) : Run Production During Day, 2 (.794 OPS)

                                                                                First five innings, 6 (.764 OPS) : 6th to 9th Innings, 14 (.695 OPS)

                                                                                  Trump on Alex Rodriguez: Even the Doorman Hate Him

                                                                                  Donald Trump and Alex Rodriguez don’t get along, ever since Rodriguez had “dishonorable dealings with me on an apartment deal”, according to Trump. So it was no surprise to hear Trump trash Rodriguez when Greta Van Susteren asked him what he thought about A-Rod’s suspension:

                                                                                  “I think it’s great,” Trump said. “He’s been taking this stuff all of his life. When he stopped taking it, he became a lousy baseball player, or certainly just less than average. I think it’s great … and it sets an example, and he’s not very popular in new York, nobody likes him.

                                                                                  “He lives in my building, Derek Jeter likewise. Many of the Yankees and many of the players lived in my buildings, and I can tell you the ones that people like and the ones that the people don’t like. If I say to the doorman what do you think of Derek, ‘well we love Derek.’ If I say what do you think of A-Rod, it’s like ‘forget it.’

                                                                                  “So look, he deserves what he gets, he’s been doing this for a long time and frankly I don’t understand the Yankees. The Yankees should have stopped paying him two years ago because obviously on the contract what he signed was not what they were bargaining for. So I don’t understand why the Yankees kept paying him, but maybe they’re very generous, who knows.”

                                                                                  Trump isn’t the most knowledgeable of fans when it comes to sports; his earlier attempt in the sporting world resulted in the USFL going bankrupt. So it is hard to take him seriously when he discusses how the Yankees should void Rodriguez’s contract for “misrepresentation’. He also gets a little sensitive when it comes to players moving out of his apartments. When Derek Jeter sold his Trump World Tower apartment last year, bad karma was the result.

                                                                                  “So when he was going to sell and put it on the market,” says Trump last October in an interview on the Michael Kay Show. “I said, ‘Derek, don’t sell. It’s been a lucky apartment. You don’t need the money. Don’t sell.’ And he sold four days, five days ago, and the day after he sold, he broke his leg. You tell me.”