Bwin Accused of Shady Behavior

In what is becoming a disturbing pattern regarding the antics of sportsbook, a gambler is claiming Bwin wrongly cancelled a bet.

“On Friday 26th April I placed a £20 bet at odds of 4/1 for Deontay Wilder to win a boxing match in the first round against Audley Harrison,” said the bettor in a post on Sportsbook Review.  “On Saturday 27th April, 70 seconds into the first round Deontay Wilder won the fight by knock out, the time was 20:48pm GMT.  On Saturday 27th April at 21:54pm GMT Bwin cancelled my winning bet and refunded my original stake.”

The better made a number of phone calls and emails without being told the reason for the cancellation. He finally got his answer today: Bwin cancelled the winning bet because they believed the fight was scheduled for 12 rounds. Since it was a 10 round fight, all round bets were cancelled.

The bettor is upset the bet was cancelled  long after the fight was finished. “10 round or 12 round though my bet was still for a knockout in round 1,” he says. The odds were correct as well. “Most of the other gambling websites were offering 4/1 on a first round knockout for Deontay Wilder, all of these other bookies can’t also have got the odds wrong. ”

Sportsbooks have the right to void bets that have obvious line errors or other major mistakes. This case had none. Even worse, the voiding of the bet took place after the outcome of the bet was already known. It is apparent Bwin was in a position to take a free shot at this bettor. If the bettor lost, they could collect his bet. If he won, the bet would be voided.

There is no justification for Bwin to cancel these bets. It’s refusal to pay out should be a red flag to any potential bettor looking for a place to wager. Bwin has a history of closing accounts with no explanation  and booting out winning bettors.






Jason Collins’ Coming Out Party Exposes the Sexism in Sports Today

Jason Collins came out as a gay NBA player yesterday. Most of the country yawned. Coming out as gay in today’s world is about as interesting as buttering one’s toast. Last month, Magic Johnson said his son was gay. Few cared. Sure, the media cried a tear or two. “Such courage” was the common theme.

So the “courage” angle was trotted out once again yesterday morning. Another Rosa Parks, some said. “We got your back,” tweeted  the First Lady. Bill Clinton gave his support. Collins even got a congratulatory phone call from President Obama.

But where was this outpouring of affection when Britney Griner declared herself gay last month? Why wasn’t she a “hero”, as so many high-minded, morally superior citizens of the world declared of Collins?

Griner didn’t receive a phone call from the President. She wasn’t declared a trailblazer for civil rights. No, she knew it wasn’t really a big deal.

“I’ve always been really open about my sexuality and who I am. I never thought a big coming out was necessary.”

Billie Jean King came out as gay in 1981. Martina Navratilova came out a year later. Sheryl Swoopes, one of the greatest WNBA players in history, said she was gay back in her prime. So did Chamique Holdsclaw. Scores of women athletes are gay and have no fear of telling the world. These women aren’t defined as heroes.

But a journeyman center, on his last legs of an NBA career, puts his finger in the air and sees which way the wind is blowing. He becomes the hero, not the women who led the way. The proud opinion-makers of this country, strutting their open-mindedness like a peacock displaying its plumage, are blind to their own sexism. It’s a man’s world, after all.

Kentucky Derby Bans Long Lens Cameras as Paranoia Runs Deep

Cowering in fear from radical photographers intent on taking photos at this year’s Kentucky Derby, Churchill Downs racetrack has announced a series of new security measures designed to prevent attendees from bringing certain items onto the grounds. Among those items: tripods, camcorders, and any camera that has a lens longer than six inches.

The new security guidelines were created  after the Boston Marathon bombings that killed three people and injured more than 140 spectators. Many of the new rules had been imposed after 9-11, but were relaxed in recent years as the threat of terrorism became less newsworthy.

Churchill Downs is also banning coolers and purses longer than 12 inches long. Large baby bags will be allowed only when accompanied by a living, breathing baby.

“We want fans to have a wonderful and unforgettable Oaks and Derby Days, but we hope they will remember these words: ‘If you see something, say something,'” track President Kevin Flanery said in a released statement.

The changes were made in consultation with federal, state and local law enforcement and are designed to ease the concerns of Derby and Oaks attendees following what happened in Boston, where bombs made out of pressure cookers were placed amid crowds watching the marathon. It is not known which attendees to the Derby showed concern over  cameras and coolers being allowed into the Churchill Downs.


Banned Items on Kentucky Derby and Oaks Days

  • Coolers(Styrofoam coolers, ice available at infield purchase points)
  • Cans (any size or type), glass bottles or containers
  • Pop up or patron tents – no poles or stakes of any kind
  • Camcorders
  • Cameras with detachable lenses, or equipped with a lens that is 6” or longer
  • Tripods
  • Purses larger than 12” in any dimension
  • Grills
  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Thermoses
  • Backpacks
  • Luggage (includes briefcases)
  • Duffel bags
  • Wagons
  • Umbrellas
  • Weapons (including knives)
  • Fireworks, noisemakers, air horns, laser lights/pointers, mace or pepper sprays



Betting Baseball: Monday’s MLB Weather Report

There might be weather problems in the Yankees game tonight, but it is looking good everywhere else tonight. Wind will be blowing hard out to left field in Kansas City so under bettors are probably thinking twice about that game. A good matchup between two of the best young pitchers in baseball might see some rain, but the retractable roof in Miami means there won’t be any interuptions.


Washington Nationals at Atlanta Braves 7:10 PM EDT – Turner Field

Game time temps are expected to be around 73°F, with partly cloudy conditions. The humidity will be 48%. There is a 10% chance of precipitation, with a slight breeze out to centerfield at 5 mph.The total for the game is 7.


New York Mets at Miami Marlins 7:10 PM EDT – Marlins Park

Forecasts are calling for 78°F temperatures with winds blowing in from right field at 9 mph. The humidity will be around 74%. A s usual, there might be some rain tonight. Fortunately the Marlins have a retractable dome to keep the water out. The over/under number is 7 for the game.


San Diego Padres at Chicago Cubs 7:05 PM CDT – Wrigley Field

Temperatures are expected to be around 68°F at gametime tonight, dipping down to 63°F by the time the game is over. Humidity will be at 59%, with the wind blowing out to left field at 16 mph. There is a 30% chance of precipitation. The total hasn’t been posted yet, but expect a high number with the wind blow hard out to left.

Pittsburgh Pirates at Milwaukee Brewers 7:10 PM CDT – Miller Park

Game time temps are expected to be around 63°F, with scattered thunderstorms possible. The humidity will be 67%. The wind will be blowing in from right field (if the roof is open) at 14 mph. The total for the game is 8.


Cincinnati Reds at St. Louis Cardinals 7:15 PM CDT – Busch Stadium

It should finally be a nice day for baseball in St. Louis tonight. Forecasts are calling for 75°F temperatures with winds blowing in from right field at 13 mph. The humidity will be around 51%. No rain is expected in this game. The over/under number is 7 for the game.


San Francisco Giants at Arizona Diamondbacks 6:40 PM PDT – Chase Field

It will be a hot day in Arizona. Fortunately for Diamondback fans, there’s a roof on Chase Field. Outside temperatures are expected to be around 99°F at gametime tonight, dipping down to 92°F by the time the game is over. Humidity will be at 5%, with the wind blowing out to right field at 11 mph. No rain is expected in this game. 8.5 is the total tonight.


Colorado Rockies at Los Angeles Dodgers 7:10 PM PDT – Dodger Stadium

Game time temps are expected to be around 64°F, with sunny conditions. The humidity will be 65%. No rain is expected in this game. The total for the game is 7.5.


Houston Astros at New York Yankees 7:05 PM EDT – Yankee Stadium

Forecasts are calling for 55°F temperatures with winds blowing in from right field at 12 mph. The humidity will be around 62%. It is expected to be raining all day but might clear up by game time.. The over/under number is 8 for the game.


Minnesota Twins at Detroit Tigers 7:08 PM EDT – Comerica Park

Temperatures are expected to be around 63°F at game time tonight, dipping down to 57°F by the time the game is over. Humidity will be at 65%, with the wind blowing in from center field at 8 mph. No rain is expected in this game. 8.5 is the total tonight.


Cleveland Indians at Kansas City Royals 7:10 PM CDT – Kauffman Stadium

Game time temps are expected to be around 79°F, with partly cloudy conditions. The humidity will be 52%. There is a slight chance of some rain, with the wind blowing hard out to left field at 17 mph. The total for the game is 9.


Los Angeles Angels at Oakland Athletics ? 7:05 PM PDT – Oakland Coliseum

Forecasts are calling for 68°F temperatures with winds blowing out to right field at 8 mph. The humidity will be around 65%. No rain is expected in this game. The over/under number is 8 for the game.


Baltimore Orioles at Seattle Mariners 7:10 PM PDT – Safeco Field

Temperatures are expected to be around 51°F at game time tonight, with the wind blowing in from left field at 7 mph. The roof should be closed however, due to the cold weather and chance of rain. 7 is the total tonight.


Intrade Showing Signs of Life as Liquidation Looms Ahead

Intrade may yet live again. At least that is the hope offered by a statement from company director Ronald Bernstein. The site suspended all trading on March 10th, citing a shortfall of funds. An internal investigation revealed the company was missing $700,000 of customer funds, and announced the intention of liquidation if new investors were not found. They also requested clients with customer funds in Intrade to take 50% of their balance immediately, with the remainder hopefully to be paid off down the road.

Both conditions appear to have been met, according to this announcement on the Intrade website:

Since April 5, 2013, we have been working on the creation of a forbearance agreement with Members that, if accepted in a sufficient amount, would allow the Company to remain solvent; to immediately pay Members at least 50% of their settled account balances; and to prosecute various legal claims against parties we believe have harmed the Company.
At this time, we are very close to achieving the required acceptance. As such, it has been determined that the most responsible action is to extend the deadline previously established to allow time to complete discussions with some Members who have not yet conclusively resolved to accept the forbearance arrangement. It is our hope that their agreement now will help us achieve the required total amount.

Please note that even partial re-payments of member funds could not begin until it has been confirmed that sufficient funds in aggregate have been agreed to be waived.

In addition to these efforts, we have been engaged in serious discussions with at least one investment firm about investment into and/or partnership with Intrade. Any arrangement contemplated by a new transaction would only be considered by the Company if it preserved AT LEAST the benefits of the terms of the currently proposed forbearance arrangement. Our discussions also include the possibility of no forbearance by members, with some contingencies.

In the very near future, we hope to announce either 1/ the accomplishment of forbearance agreements in a sufficient amount to allow partial repayments of member funds, or 2/ the relevant terms of a proposed transaction involving the Company which would be of greater benefit to our Members than the forbearance plan.

In the meantime, we will continue to explore every avenue we can to preserve and improve the situation for members.
We will provide a further update here no later than April 30, 2013.

Ronald Bernstein
Director, Intrade


Betting Baseball: The Braves Take On Detroit In Sunday Night Baseball Action

In what may be a World Series preview, the Atlanta Braves will wrap up a three game series against the Detroit Tigers on ESPN’s Sunday Night Baseball tonight. Mike Minor will take the mound for the Braves. Minor is 3-1 on the season with a 1.80 ERA. He’s never faced the Tigers before in his career. In his last start, Minor held the hot-hitting Rockies to three runs on five hits and two walks in 20-degree temperatures Tuesday. He battled without his best stuff, relying on off-speed pitches and mixing in his heater.

His counterpart on the Tigers is right-hander Doug Fister. Fister is 3-0 on the year with a 2.00 ERA. He likewise has never faced the Braves.  Fister pitched through a Miguel Cabrera error that led to three unearned runs and lasted seven innings for a no-decision, though he hit three batters along the way. He has delivered three consecutive quality starts.

The Tigers are currently -132 favorites in tonight’s games.  Despite almost 60% of the betting public on Atlanta, the line has increased slightly from the -127 opener at Pinnacle.

The total for the game opened at eight runs but has been bet down to 7.5.  Weather may be the reason. Tonight’s forecast calls for intermittent rain during the game. The temperature will be around 55 degrees.

Dan Iassogna will be the home plate umpire for the game. He has been behind the plate four times so far this season, with home teams going 1-3. The Over has hit three of the four games Iassogna has been umpire. Teams are averaging sixteen strikeouts and 6.5 walks per game so far this season with Iassogna calling the pitches.  He typically is a strike caller: Iassogna ranks 13th of the 70 full-time umpires in calling strikes over his career.

The Braves are leading baseball in home runs with 36 so far in 2013. They will have their work cut out for them with Fister, however. Fister is a ground ball pitcher who has given up just one homer on the season.  The Braves have been road warriors so far this season, playing 16 of its last 18 games on the road. They will finally return home after tonight’s game.


Atlanta’s Lineup:

1. CF: Jordan Schafer
2. 2B: Tyler Pastornicky
3. LF: Justin Upton
4. 1B: Freddie Freeman
5. 3B: Chris Johnson
6. C: Evan Gattis
7. DH: Dan Uggla
8. RF: Reed Johnson
9. SS: Andrelton Simmons
SP: Mike Minor


Detroit’s Lineup:

Detroit Tigers:
1. CF: Austin Jackson
2. RF: Torii Hunter
3. 3B: Miguel Cabrera
4. 1B: Prince Fielder
5. DH: Victor Martinez
6. SS: Jhonny Peralta
7. LF: Matt Tuiasosopo
8. C: Brayan Pena
9. 2B: Omar Infante
SP: Doug Fister