Fake Powerball Winner Suckers Over 2Million Facebook Users

Business_Deals_TechA hoaxer that posted faked up winning Powerball tickets offering to share the winnings had over 2Million people try and get a piece of the action.

Nolan Daniels created a fake winning ticket for the famously high Powerball said he had won $239 million and if people posted a reply to him he would share the winnings with them.

Nolan promised one million dollars to a random person picked out of the list and I am sure even he was surprised that over 2million people posted begging for money with random stories about their hardship or some very thinly veiled congratulations just as an excuse to post a reply and be in the list.

The actual numbers were pretty obviously faked if you know what a real Powerball ticket looks like and he probably made it to look like that so it didn’t look like a real scam but more of an easy to spot prank. See image here

Users were still replying on Facebook trying to get in on the action and a share of the riches even while hundreds of internet sites debunked the fake win and said that it was fake.

William Hill Playtech Buyout Scares Gambling Competitors

Modern_City_BusinessWilliam Hill has long been a big player on the high street in the UK for Sports Betting or more in British slang as a Turf accountant but the recent Playtech buyout rumors are sending rival online casino`s into a spin.

Playtech is the leading provider of online casino software and power many of the major online casinos who are actually all competitors of William Hill.

For the purpose of this article i need to make it clear about William Hill and William Hill Online.
William Hill is a Turf Accountant or Bookmaker business based in Leeds UK.
William Hill Online is the Online Gambling part of William Hill based in Gibraltar.

William Hill Online own 29% of Playtech and apparently William Hill is trying to but the shares and more from their own company.

Any move on the part of shared and buying to do with Playtech scares the online casinos because they fear through the long standing profitable offline and online business William Hill and then William Hill Online have created they are in a position to buy out the entire Playtech Software provider which will make them the Kingpin and the ultimate big player in the Online Casino industry.

The current rumors are that William Hill has asked for a valuation of William Hill Online so they can buy out the Playtech stake in William Hill but until we get further information coming through there are lots of people guessing what will really happen.


Online Casino on Facebook, Twitter and Others by IGT


If you love social media such as Facebook or Twitter and you love playing online casino or online roulette you will love the treat IGT is bringing you.

IGT now has 5 million online casino players and is the largest social casino in the world. IGT is working to deliver a superior social online gambling experience through smooth gameplay and social betting.

Social gambling through the new media websites is growing at a very rapid rate as expected and with a value per user at up to $1200 compared to the Facebook user just clicking ads for a $5 lifetime value this is surely going to be a new break for struggling social media websites.

All of the IGT online casino games, which include video poker, online roulette and online blackjack are played with chips which are shown to players as dollars. Winnings are played out as chips and players can get Gold Coins which can be exchanged for other things. As well as what you would normally expect from the usual kind of online casino there is a very personal and tailored experience as this is social media and the people are the website.

Doubledown casino which runs IGT are giving a superb daily spin game that is purely a bonus and give a chance for players every day to win more of those valuable chips.