Survey Says UK Popuation In Favour of TV Gambling Such as Live Roulette

Tech WatchA survey conducted recently by one of the self confessed casino authorities has proven that as many as 22% of the population in the UK think that television gambling should be against the law.

49% of the UK population have no opinion on if to keep TV gaming legal or outlaw it.

But the most surprising result of this survey was that 28% of the population is in favor of keeping television gambling legal.

Unlike the usa that just bans things without thinking of the consequences. the uk does things like taxing online gambling and regulating it because if they ban it outright the online gambling company’s will just move to a friendlier location such as Gibraltar.

1000 households participated in the survey which was random for anonymity so that the interest in television could be monitored. and both have a high profile for television gambling and you can see it on mainstream tv channels though the night in the UK.

David Merry, the Director of Right Casino Media, the company who conducted the research, commented on the findings: “We’re fully in support of all the gambling channels on television providing they adhere to a strict code to ensure that only responsible adults can play. The game of live roulette has proved a popular and entertaining pastime, people shouldn’t victimise those who do gamble responsibly due to their own opinion – if you don’t like it then I’d recommend not watching the channel.”