Ex Online Poker SEO Jason Duke Expands Pzyche Analytics

In a move that could benefit many people in the online world, the famous ex Poker SEO Jason Duke has expanded Pysche Analytics to cover any market and not just online gambling.

Pzyche was origionally launched to provide in depth analysis of visitor paterns for online gambling sites but very quickly the requests from non online gambling sites wishing to sign up became a clear signal that the the Psyche system needed to be expanded to cover more markets.

The best expanation comes from the Pzyche website.

“Pzyche® is that expert store assistant. The moment the visitor arrives at your website we understand exactly who your visitor is and what products they’re looking for. This allows you in real-time to greet that visitor with content and promotions that are relevant to them. Ensuring that from the moment they arrive to the moment they leave a satisfied customer with the right product tucked under their arm, we’ve made each step down the sales funnel as easy, relevant and intuitive as possible.”

Psyche Analytics starts with the basic free package which allows you to see some of the power of in depth visitor paths while deciding to upgrade to the still very price pleasing credit system for more in-depth analytics.

Jason Duke the creator of Pzyche has long been admired for his forward thinking attitude in the online marketing industry and his peers have been very supportive of this bold move of Jason`s to allow other people to use his tools and possibly gain an insight into the real ways visitors interact with their website.