Is Perpective Needed On UIGEA Delay?

Justice_Legal_CourtThe industry as a whole is so keen to get back into The United States market. The goal itself seems to have become such a focus that some people within the industry seem to have lost sight of the reality of the situation.

A repeal of the UIGEA and the introduction of a regulatory environment for the industry in the US will certainly be a good thing on the whole but may not turn out to be the bonanza that some people are hoping for.

At the end of this process, the cost of doing business in the US could turn out to be very expensive. Quite a bit of the support for a version of Barney Frank’s bill is not based on a desire to offer US citizens a choice.

Much of it is based on the fact that online casinos can generate a lot of money for state and federal authorities and this combined with the fact that the industry will accept nearly anything to get back into the market has created a situation where greed on the part of the politicians will play a part.

The financial mood may have changed but the disdain that many politicians still hold towards online casinos is still there just beneath the surface.

All in all the current direction of things is a healthy one but perspective on the situation is also needed.

Another Online Casino Stops US Players

Balance_Of_JusticeDespite all of the optimism that currently surrounds the full implementation of UIGEA, the pressure is still very much on for the small number of online casinos that are still prepared to accept US players.

This situation was brought very much into sharp focus again with the decision by Golden Casino to stop accepting US players.

This decision was essentially brought about by massive pressure that was placed on the casino to do so.

It clearly shows that while there is plenty of hope about the possible passing of a version of Barney Frank’s bill and the introduction of a regulatory environment, there still exists a very problematic situation for the few online casinos still left out there that are trying to deal with American customers.

A workable resolution to the situation is still what everybody is hoping to arrive at during some part of 2010.

Celebrity Gossip And Online Betting

Online GamblingSo here we are on the first day of the new year. One of the big trends among bookmakers in 2009 was the growth in betting on celebrity culture.

While some people may find the idea of betting on the events in the lives, personal or otherwise, of celebrities distasteful, the massive growth in the area showed that there is certainly an appetite out there for it.

So what drove this rise in betting on such things? Was it it ravenous appetite of the public that created the demand and the market simply reacted to it? Or, was it the online gambling industry being opportunistic?

While surveys of the search and general Internet activity of users often very wildly in many respects, one thing that they always do tend to agree on is the fact that users are virtually obsessed with celebrity culture. Time and time again, the Internet has shown us that people are far more interested in celebrity gossip than they are in weightier stories about politics, wars or other international news events.

It would certainly seem from a quick glance that the online betting industry is simply reacting to this appetite and filling a gap that already exists.

Whatever combination of reasons is at play here, one thing is relatively clear. We can certainly expect this trend to continue in 2010.