Markets Remain Cautious Despite Ban Delay

Business_Deals_TechWhile all the talk over the weekend was about the 6 month delay in the enforcement of the 2006 online gambling ban in the U.S., the markets did not react in any particularly strong fashion to the news when they opened today.

Most of the major brand names within the online casino industry had a day today that would be considered to be within the normal parameters of what could be expected.

Investors appear to have taken the view that the delay is not really that huge of an event and seem to be prepared to wait to see what this moratorium actually goes on to produce in more concrete terms.

This attitude is in marked contrast to the prevailing one within the online casino industry where the delay was greeted with a far more exuberant fanfare.

The more circumspect attitude of the markets towards this subject is perhaps the correct one as nothing much has actually happened here. A space has simply been provided that may allow something positive to happen.

While it is undoubtedly positive news, we will actually have to wait to see what comes from it.

English Premiership Sees Increased Action

Football_StandsMany bookmakers are reporting stronger that normal numbers on the back of the English Premiership’s weekend fixtures.

Saturday’s games saw higher than average action across the board and the two big games from today also generated some very healthy numbers.

In particular, the Liverpool V. Everton derby game at Goodison Park saw a lot of betting activity. This particular derby fixture generally tends to be popular with punters but was even more so this time out.

Some of this this could perhaps be put down to the fact that Liverpool have been under-performing this year and this sentiment seemed to reflected somewhat in the betting although the effect of this will obviously have been softened by Everton’s recent run of extremely poor form as well.

A lot of betting activity was also generated by the big London derby today Between Chelsea and Arsenal. Betting here was also up but not by the same degree as the Merseyside derby game.

While some of the games over the weekend did not go the way the bookmakers would have liked, overall they will have been very happy with the higher level of activity.

Online Casino Industry in US Gets A Break

Justice_Law_RegulationThe entire online casino industry is buzzing about one story today. The Obama Administration has delayed the full enforcement of UIGEA for a 6 month period.

Before this announcement there had been a tricky situation developing where the momentum behind Barney Frank’s proposed bill to regulate online gambling had been growing and at the same time law enforcement agencies had been ramping up their efforts to be ready to enforce the full compliment of measures allowed for in UIGEA which was originally passed into law in 2006.

This latest move by the Obama Administration has at least put this dichotomous situation on hold for now.

This 6 month period now at least gives a window of opportunity to Barney Frank and his bill’s supporters to actually get something passed into law that would regularize the situation properly.

Unfortunately, time is still of the essence as six months is a very short time-frame when looked at in the context of how long it can take for a bill to actually be passed into law.

ON the upside, a lot f the legwork has already been completed so Frank and his bill\s supporters will certainly be able to hit the ground running in their attempts to make something positive happen in the six month period.

Online Casinos Have Some Of The Best Security

Technology SecurityOne of the critical infrastructure elements for websites that deal with money is security. In recent times there have been a number of high profile incidents where personal financial details of large quantities of people have been stolen when the security on the databases of large websites have been hacked.

Obviously, online casino and gambling sites deal with this type of personal financial information as part of their daily routines.

A new report just published suggests that statistically, the online casino industry is one the safest in terms of dealing with this type of information.

The report, published by the UFGDS looked at many different sectors of the Internet where financial data is used and found that e-commerce sites and online casinos were two of the safest places that one could give information of this nature.

In another blow to the banking industry, online banking services at some of the major banks were found to have less than stellar security in this regard.

It would seem that while you can easily lose all your money at an online casino, it is less likely to be stolen.

Prohibition – When Will They Ever Learn?

Justice_Legal_CourtHistory has a terrible habit of repeating itself. We have at this stage, a comprehensive list of examples from history that should show clearly how and why prohibition never works.

The history of the modern world is lettered with perfect examples of where the concept of prohibition intersects with the reality of human nature and the result invariably a disaster.

One a more specific note, we now have virtually all the countries that have instituted bans on online gambling in one form or another trying to back away from these bans or do away with them altogether.

Against this backdrop of abject failure it’s hard to see why countries keep trying to introduce unworkable online gambling bans.

Russia and Ukraine are two perfect examples of countries that are currently trying to implement recently introduced bans that are running into severe difficulties. The situation in both countries has been dogged by some of the classic problems.

Operators have found ways to run online gambling in the gray areas between what is explicitly laid out in the legislation, what is implied in the legislation and things that the legislators never thought to address at all.

This one of the classic problems and has never been addressed satisfactorily in any of the previous attempts in other countries.

Added to this, we then have the problem of people who forget about all of this and simply go about breaking the law.

These are some of the problems that exist and this is without even going anywhere near the subject of human behavior and desire.

It has seemed to be the case for some time now that the future of online gambling must be handled within a regulatory rather than a prohibition framework and these latest attempts at the latter simply serve to underline that point.

Positive News From The Midweek Numbers

Better_PerformanceWednesday November 25th 2009 saw some nice positive movement across the online casino sector. As a whole, the sector experienced a nice positive set of midweek numbers with the majority of the major brands experiencing gains and the average certainly very positive.

Let’s take a look at some of the companies that exemplify this trend.

William Hill stock gained some ground on Wednesday. The share price was 186.20 at the opening of trading and by the closing bell the value of shares was standing at 186.00. This price is 1.02% higher than the 184.10 on Tuesday November 24th and leaves the price 0.26% lower than the Monday November 23rd price of 186.50

PartyGaming stock also gained some ground on Wednesday. 255.10 was the share price at the opening of business and the share valuation stood at 260.20 at the closing bell. This price is 1.88% up on the Tuesday November 24th price of 255.30 and is 1.03% higher than the Monday November 23rd price of 257.50.

The Cryptologic stock was another one where the price increased on Wednesday. At the beginning of the day 3.19 was the share valuation and at the conclusion of the day the price stood at 3.28. This leaves the price 1.82% higher than the Tuesday November 24th price of 3.22 and this price is 7.31% lower than the Monday price.

As is clearly demonstrated by these numbers, it was very positive midweek point for the sector and we hope hope to see a continuation of this trend and things move towards the weekend.