Calmer Heads Prevail At Close Of Business

City_Trading_Business_NumbersThe end of the trading week was far less volatile than the beginning but there were still some gains and losses that are certainly worth taking note of.

The share price of William Hill gained ground on Friday October 23rd 2009. The share price stood at 177.50 at the start of the day and by the end of trading the price stood at 177.00. That is all of 0.2% higher than the 176.50 on Thursday and brings it back to the same level as Wednesday.

The share price of PartyGaming on  the other hand dipped on Friday. At the opening of business 249.60 was the share price and the share price was 243.00 at the end of the trading period. That is 1.64% lower than the 247.00 on Thursday October 22nd and is all of 2.26% lower than the Wednesday October 21st price of 248.50.

Cryptologic stock was another one that dipped on Friday. The valuation of the shares was 4.25 at the opening of business and at the end of the day it was the same. That is 1.17% lower than the 4.30 on Thursday October 22nd and leaves the price 4% down from Wednesday’s 4.42.

By any standards things have certainly calmed down from the frenzy that had characterized the opening day of trading at the beginning of the week but there is still plenty of movement here that is certainly worth keeping an eye on.