Up And Down End To The Week For The Sector

City_Stock_TradingFriday October 9th 2009 saw a fairly mixed end to the week for the online casino sector on the markets as a whole with a broad range of different levels of performance.

To illustrate this we have taken the performance of a few of the companies tat we regularly cover here.

Friday saw the William Hill take a dip. The share price stood at 171.20 at the beginning of the day and at the close of business the share price of the company was 169.30 . That is 1.00% down from 171.00 on Thursday and is all of 4.07% down from 176.20 on Wednesday October 7th.

During the day’s trading 167.00 was the low watermark for the shares and at another time 172.216 was the highest price for the shares.

Partygaming had a fairly steady day and by the conclusion of business 272.90 was the standing of the shares . This price is 0.8% up on the Wednesday October 7th price of 270.50

The share price of Cryptologic gained ground on Friday October 9th 2009. At the day’s beginning the share price of the company was 6.09 and 6.08 was the valuation of the shares at the close of business. That is all of 0.8% higher than the 6.03 on Thursday October 8th and leaves the price 1.80% down on the Wednesday October 7th price of 6.19.

These performances are broadly reflective of the type of end of week movement we saw across the entire online casino sector with some losing and others gaining across the board.