Online Casino Industry Stocks Have Poor Start To The Week

City_Stock_TradingLast week’s trend of less than stellar performance from online casino industry stock continued today forĀ  Monday October 5th 2009.

the share price of William Hill decreased today again. At the day’s beginning the price stood at 172.80 and at the conclusion of trading 172.20 was the standing of the shares. That is all of 0.52 percent down on the Friday price and is all of 3.94% down from 179.00 on Thursday October 1st.

This was all done on the back of a fairly average volume with the volume throughout the day finished at 4.08 M.

By contrast, PartyGaming gained some ground on Monday. 265.70 is what the shares stood at at the day’s beginning and by the closing bell the price was 270.10. This leaves the price 1.0% higher than the Friday price of 267.20.

More in keeping with market trends, Cryptologic stock was also down on Monday. At the start of the day 5.58 is what the shares stood at and at the conclusion of the day the value of shares stood at 5.42 . That price is 3.87 percent down from yesterday and leaves the price 6.08% lower than the 5.75 on Thursday.