It’s Not Just Bingo – Blackjack Goes Against The Grain As Well

JackpotA few days back we reported that online bingo had been experiencing growth far in advance of current industry trends. The other major online casino game that has been bucking the trend is blackjack.

While it is difficult to pinpoint the exact combination of reasons for this, it is interesting that the two games that are experiencing this kind of growth are both played against the house rather than other players.

In terms of casino games that can be played online, poker has traditionally had the biggest share online over the last few years. A share that was disproportionately bigger than it’s offline equivalent.

This landscape seems to be shifting somewhat as the games played against the house have been making significant gains.

One suggestion that has been floated in some quarters with specific regard to blackjack is that the movie “21” has aroused the interest of many people who would not previously have been patrons of online casinos.

This is purely speculative of course but some combination of factors is currently causing this shift in usage and it will be very interesting to see if the trend continues over the coming months.

Is Ireland To Become The New Gibraltar?

Sports_Car_DublinThe Republic of Ireland had been one of the great economic success stories of the last few years but it has been hit even harder than most by the global economic downturn.

The openness of the economy coupled with a huge property bubble and subsequent property price crash has left the Irish economy in an even worse condition than all of the other European countries with the exception of Iceland.

Iceland of course is not a member of the eurozone and Ireland’s membership has been largely credited with just about keeping the country afloat.

One of the things that had helped to kickstart the Irish economy was a policy of setting a taxation and legislative environment that very much encouraged direct foreign investment.

One of the ideas that has been floated to get the economy moving again is introducing a similar scenario that would be favorable to the online casino industry. Perhaps something along the lines of the way Gibraltar has made itself very attractive to the industry.

Some background in this area already exists in the country as Cryptologic, one of the largest providers of software for the industry, is already based in Ireland.

During a time of economic recession all sorts of ideas get floated so ultimately we will have to wait and see if anything comes of this idea.

Recession May Help Rather Than Hinder

Justice_Legal_CourtThe global economic downturn has created all sorts of new situations that would’ve previously been unthinkable.

Virtually all of the major international financial systems have been changed beyond recognition and there is no way that anybody could have foreseen the circumstances that have now become the new financial reality.

When the crisis originally hit it was thought that the possibility of an imminent repeal to the online Casino ban in the United States had gone out the window. As the full effects of the recession began to take hold more pressing financial matters were exercising the minds of the people in power in the United States.

It would now appear that the opposite of this turned out to be true. As these same people have been looking for solutions to the problem of falling revenues, the possibility of creating a regulatory environment for online casinos rather than the current ban is very much back on the agenda once more.

It would now seem that rather than damaging the possibility of an imminent review, the global economic downturn has actually created more momentum towards the creation of a regulatory environment and may in actual fact yet turn out to be the deciding factor that tips the scales in favor of removal of the ban in the short-term.

Holding A Steady Line With Cryptologic

City_NumbersFriday August 28th 2009 saw a lift in the share price of Cryptologic. The day saw an unusually low volume of trading with the volume of shares trades at day’s end finishing at 24,455 but with an overall rise in share price nonetheless.

Also, it is worth noting that the real world volume for the day’s trading period on Thursday settled at 31,854 and the real world volume on Wednesday settled at 151,273

At the start of the day the share valuation stood at 7.36 and by the end of the day 7.31 was the share valuation .

This price is 1.0% higher than the Thursday August 27th price of 7.23 and is all of 0.54% lower than the 7.35 on Wednesday August 26th

During the day the lowest value of the shares was 7.20 and at another time the highest price for the shares was 7.36 thus generating a -0.6 percent range between high and low during the day.

All in all, this has been a fairly steady week for the company and the fact of no high profile announcements and slow activity hon the shares has not served to damage the share price.

Poor Early Week For Partygaming

Poorer_PerformancePartygaming lost some ground on Thursday August 27th 2009. When looking at the averages, there was a higher than normal level of activity on the shares but unfortunately for the company there was a lack of confidence from investors as the real world volume at the close of business was 824,193

At the opening of trading 268.00 is where the shares stood and 266.00 was the share price at the conclusion of trading.

This leaves the price 1.69 percent down from 270.50 on Wednesday August 26th and is all of 1.87% down on the Tuesday August 25th price of 271.00

Over the course of the day the lowest price for the shares was 263.90 while at another time the shares traded at a high of 272.95 this is a window of -0.7% from high to low over the course of the day’s trading . It is also pertinent to mention that the real world volume throughout the day on Wednesday finished on 650,682 and the real world volume on Tuesday finished on 549,836 .

These type of numbers do not spell out a serious problem for the company in the short term but the fact that today’s price was secured on the back of high activity is something that will be watched closely.

Strong Few Days For 888 Holdings

Better_PerformanceThe share price of 888 Holdings PLC increased on Wednesday August 26th 2009. This follows a trend that we have been seeing in the shares since the start of the week.

The real volume of trades for the full day was 1.15 M which is broadly in line with the kind of level of interest that we have been seeing from investors towards the company.

The valuation of the shares was 90.00 at the day’s start and the valuation of the shares was 94.35 at the closing bell.

This leaves the price 3.7% higher than the 90.85 on Tuesday August 25th and is 5.6% up on the Monday August 24th price of 89.05.

Over the course of the day 90.00 was the lowest value of the shares while during another period the shares traded at a high of 94.35 thus generating over the course of the day, between low and high a window of 4.83%.

Also, it is worthy of mention that the volume at the end of the day on Tuesday came in at 1.57 M and the volume on Monday came in at 1.15 M

Whether this type of growth can be maintained remains to be seen but for now it has certainly been a good couple of days for the company.