Costa Rica based Online Casino Inetbet allegedly using Black Hat SEO Spam.

Online Gambling ReviewBreaking news is coming through from Casinoaffiliateprograms forum that Inetbet has allegedly been stealing home page content from online gambling sites and using it for the much maligned technique of blog spam.

Inetbet is based in Costa Rica which is a jurisdiction that allows casino owners to operate without the gambling licence which so many company’s are bound to so there is no recourse for any of the owners who are allegedly the target of their theft.

Many Online Casino`s use techniques that violate the Google guidelines and are sometimes even possibly illegal but the blatant theft of content for use in Black Hat SEO blog spam is something which is quite unique.

Rouletters spoke to the victim of the alleged content theft and he said “We were quite surprised to notice that a large group like Inetbet would be interested in stealing content from our Online Casino HD. These are the type of actions one would expect from small time websites without proper marketing budgets or accountability. But I suppose in an SEO climate where gathering links for your website is getting increasingly difficult and some would say almost impossible these things will happen, no matter how much financial backing.”

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