Celebrity Gossip And Online Betting

Online GamblingSo here we are on the first day of the new year. One of the big trends among bookmakers in 2009 was the growth in betting on celebrity culture.

While some people may find the idea of betting on the events in the lives, personal or otherwise, of celebrities distasteful, the massive growth in the area showed that there is certainly an appetite out there for it.

So what drove this rise in betting on such things? Was it it ravenous appetite of the public that created the demand and the market simply reacted to it? Or, was it the online gambling industry being opportunistic?

While surveys of the search and general Internet activity of users often very wildly in many respects, one thing that they always do tend to agree on is the fact that users are virtually obsessed with celebrity culture. Time and time again, the Internet has shown us that people are far more interested in celebrity gossip than they are in weightier stories about politics, wars or other international news events.

It would certainly seem from a quick glance that the online betting industry is simply reacting to this appetite and filling a gap that already exists.

Whatever combination of reasons is at play here, one thing is relatively clear. We can certainly expect this trend to continue in 2010.