Russian Roulette Death Claim Was Fake

Tech WatchThomas Rady from Florida  told police his buddy died during a drunken game of Russian roulette has confessed this was a lie.

Police say the Russian Roulette story was a cover up when a drunken binge ended in the death of Donnie McLendon 26 who died on Wednesday at the General Hospital in Tampa.

The police say that forensic and autopsy information pointed out that the story was flawed and all eyes suddenly pointed to Rady as the one that was holding the gun which accidentally went off.

It took till Thursday night for Rady to confess and he then turned himself i as the killer.

Russian Roulette has recently gained some interest again and there have been a spate of deaths including a 17 year old from Largo in Florida and a 35 year old man in San Berdardino, California who dies after shooting himself in the game with a group of friends.

Happy System Admin Day 2011

Happy System Admin Day

Yet another year rolls round and its system admin day again.

System admins are the invisible entity or more correctly the unsung hero’s that keep all the tech we have running and they are often very much unappreciated.

When i worked in a job that had a tech support department i would regularly fight through the smell and go into the dark closet where they were kept. The system admins were always working hard trying to get higher scores on eve online or watching you tube but it always confuse them when i thanked them for keeping everything running so smooth and reported that everything was working so well.

The system admins job is not an easy one because they see themselves as high tech and highly skilled individuals tapping away at their Linux system in command line thinking they are uber leet. Unfortunately the rest of the company sees them as the smelly unsocialised nerds in a room that keep breaking things.

The only contact most people have with the system admins of a company are normally when they are complaining about something broken or slow.

Do something different today.

Find out where the system admins of the company reside and hold your breath long enough to go in and thank them for the stellar work they do at keeping everything running smoothly. Don’t disturb them if they are playing video games or reading slashdot because they tend to be a bit aggressive so if this is the case just make a salute to them and leave the room.

They will know why you are there and an unspoken recognition is enough.

New Tax In Bulgaria Could Cost Jobs

Balance_Of_JusticeThere is no doubt the traditional casino industry has been suffering very badly at the hands of the global economic downturn.

Bulgaria is one of the countries in which the traditional casino industry has suffered the most recent times due to the recession.

The falloff in business is very much in line with other types of business that involve the travel and accommodation of patrons and the fact that the industry relies to a large degree external visitors for their patronage is hitting the Bulgarian casino industry even harder than most.

Now, the Bulgarian government is going to multiply the difficulties for the industry by raising taxation levels on revenue.

Lobbyists for the casino industry have reports to suggest that any change in the rate of taxation at this time would cause the loss of a serious number of jobs.

This situation illustrates that even in the current regulated environments that the shift from traditional to online casinos is not being fully understood at a governmental and legislative level.

Legal Trends Continue To Look Promising

Balance_Of_JusticeQuite a lot of the news that has been happening in the online casino industry lately has been focused on the area of legislation and regulation.

This is not unusual in the regard that the industry is very dependent on the regulatory conditions in different markets. What is unusual is the softer line being taken by many previously very hostile governments and administrations towards the whole area.

The public finances of many different countries all over the world are in serious difficulty due to the global economic downturn. Most have already tried raising additional income for raising taxation rates and have arrived at the point where any additional tax hikes would actually have a negative effect on returns.

Many are now looking for other things which can be taxed to raise much needed revenue. For most governments, the options in this regard are very thin on the ground. The online casino industry, with it’s high potential for profit has come back on  the radar in a big way as a direct result of this.

The other thing that is helping is the fact that many of these governments have already tried the prohibition route and been largely unsuccessful with this approach.

Regulation rather than prohibition is the obvious way forward and the major companies in the industry are gearing up to take advantage of these opportunities as they arise.

Price For Paddy Power Shares Continues To Drop

Numbers_Price_DropThe bank holiday break did not do any favors for Paddy Power as the stock price decreased on Tuesday September 1st 2009. This continues a trend that company had been experiencing before the break as it appears that the break has done little to allay he fears of investors.

The price stood at 19.05 at the opening of trading and the value of shares was standing at 18.90 at the conclusion of trading. That is all of 3.17% lower than the Friday and 2.96% down on the Thursday August 27th price of 19.46

The real world volume for the day’s trading period comes in at 10,335 but even though the volume was low the sentiment was negative and the share price suffered badly as a result.

Over the course of the day the highest price for the shares was 19.07 while at another time the lowest price for the shares was 18.18 this is a total of -0.7% variance from low to high over the course of the day.

Many analysts had suggested that the company was due to steady up but for now the slide in confidence and share price continues unabated.

Poor Early Week For Partygaming

Poorer_PerformancePartygaming lost some ground on Thursday August 27th 2009. When looking at the averages, there was a higher than normal level of activity on the shares but unfortunately for the company there was a lack of confidence from investors as the real world volume at the close of business was 824,193

At the opening of trading 268.00 is where the shares stood and 266.00 was the share price at the conclusion of trading.

This leaves the price 1.69 percent down from 270.50 on Wednesday August 26th and is all of 1.87% down on the Tuesday August 25th price of 271.00

Over the course of the day the lowest price for the shares was 263.90 while at another time the shares traded at a high of 272.95 this is a window of -0.7% from high to low over the course of the day’s trading . It is also pertinent to mention that the real world volume throughout the day on Wednesday finished on 650,682 and the real world volume on Tuesday finished on 549,836 .

These type of numbers do not spell out a serious problem for the company in the short term but the fact that today’s price was secured on the back of high activity is something that will be watched closely.