Fake Powerball Winner Suckers Over 2Million Facebook Users

Business_Deals_TechA hoaxer that posted faked up winning Powerball tickets offering to share the winnings had over 2Million people try and get a piece of the action.

Nolan Daniels created a fake winning ticket for the famously high Powerball said he had won $239 million and if people posted a reply to him he would share the winnings with them.

Nolan promised one million dollars to a random person picked out of the list and I am sure even he was surprised that over 2million people posted begging for money with random stories about their hardship or some very thinly veiled congratulations just as an excuse to post a reply and be in the list.

The actual numbers were pretty obviously faked if you know what a real Powerball ticket looks like and he probably made it to look like that so it didn’t look like a real scam but more of an easy to spot prank. See image here

Users were still replying on Facebook trying to get in on the action and a share of the riches even while hundreds of internet sites debunked the fake win and said that it was fake.

Online Roulette Addict Stole £70,000 From Father To Feed Habit

Online GamblingA banking adviser called David James Collins stole over £70,000 from his fathers bank accounts to feed his online roulette addiction.

Collins 23, who had been sentenced and put in jail back in 2010 for stealing money from his fathers accounts and when he was released from prison into the custody of his father it seemed it was not long before the theft started again.

£10,000 went missing from the bank accounts belonging to the father of Collins at which point the father decided to try and deal with the problem himself.

The £10,000 was just the beginning this time and over the next few weeks the theft increased due to the spending of upto £3,000 a day at the online roulette tables leading to a fraud amount to as much as £72,000.

Judge Rowlands said in sentencing “you had the gall to apologize again and to repay him – while all you were doing was taking money from another account to pay him back”.

Collins was jailed for 21 months in February 2012 but was released soon after and this is when the next offenses took place while he was still under licence.

Hurricane Sandy Causing Mass Evacuation

Technology SecurityHurricane Sandy has caused mass devastation and those that refused to evacuate when the advice came are now calling for emergency help.

New Jersey saw Hurricane Sandy hit land 24 minutes ago and the area is under a great amount of strain as the emergency services struggle to keep up with the call outs.

As the furious hurricane hit the area it washed away a large section of the Boardwalk in Atlantic City and put the presidential campaign into pause while they deal with the fallout.
Wall street was crippled and the Subway system in New York was crippled by a large deluge of water flowing in from the sea.

A New York State official told Rouletters “We are moving towards the hour when it will be impossible to evacuate”

Weather forecasters and given serious advice that large waves as big as six metres could be bashing into the Chicago lakefront  and over a metre of snow in West Virginia.