Sports Betting: The Slow Death of Sportsbook Review

SBR ( went deep into damage control yesterday as it was revealed was closing, stealing all customer funds in the process. BetIslands was a sportsbook essentially developed through the SBR brand. SBR helped promote contests, giveaways, and extremely favorable coverage on its forums and news wire to help build BetIslands. It has been estimated over 350 customers lost a total of $1.5 million in this scandal, a vast majority of those customers coming from SBR.

SBR’s response has been discouraging to most of these users. SBR’s Bill Dozer says the clients bear the bulk of the blame: “A book sponsoring the forum is not a guarantee. Everything on the site, including the posters poll and discussions, is information for users to make their own decisions.”

SBR has repeatedly refused to point out who it is that provided the financial backing for BetIslands, despite the fact that strong ownership was the reason for BI’s miraculous rise in SBR’s ratings. BI went from an ungraded sportsbook to a B rating (upper 10% of all sportsbooks according to SBR’s grading scale) in just over a year. “The owners of books aren’t always public and it’s not up to us to make it so,” said Dozer.

Reaction from its posters has been sharp:


“I thought SBR was providing transparency, reliable reviews, and disputing claims as well. Turns out their business model is providing a captive audience for the books, marketing/touting to said audience, and profiting from their relationship w/ the books.”

“SBR abused their power to lead everyone to the slaughter, and now turns their head away from people who lost 1.5 millions combined.”

“I spent the last few years criticizing Covers, which is obviously a very crooked site. Now it turns out SBR is on the same level. I was completely fooled.”

SBR is in no danger of going out of business like its failed business partner. They have, however, been exposed. Once seen as a light shining on the cockroaches in the online gambling industry, they are now shown to have been a cockroach all along. That sort of reputation is hard to erase.

Online Casino on Facebook, Twitter and Others by IGT


If you love social media such as Facebook or Twitter and you love playing online casino or online roulette you will love the treat IGT is bringing you.

IGT now has 5 million online casino players and is the largest social casino in the world. IGT is working to deliver a superior social online gambling experience through smooth gameplay and social betting.

Social gambling through the new media websites is growing at a very rapid rate as expected and with a value per user at up to $1200 compared to the Facebook user just clicking ads for a $5 lifetime value this is surely going to be a new break for struggling social media websites.

All of the IGT online casino games, which include video poker, online roulette and online blackjack are played with chips which are shown to players as dollars. Winnings are played out as chips and players can get Gold Coins which can be exchanged for other things. As well as what you would normally expect from the usual kind of online casino there is a very personal and tailored experience as this is social media and the people are the website.

Doubledown casino which runs IGT are giving a superb daily spin game that is purely a bonus and give a chance for players every day to win more of those valuable chips.

William Hill Roulette Player Looking at Jail Time For Knife Attack

City_NumbersMark Rutter faces life in jail after a knife attack on a William Hill staff member because he lost on a roulette machine.

Rutter 39 and from Liverpool stabbed the worker at William Hill in the neck with scissors after demanding his losses be returned to him.

CCTV shows Rutter breaking into an area just for staff at the William Hill betting shop and losing his temper after playing one of the many gaming machines in the betting shop.
The William Hill staff member named as Ryan Drummond at the betting shop in Dalkeith, Midlothian was stabbed twice in the neck with Rutter screaming demands for his 200 pounds back.

Rutter got away with 180 pounds in notes and 20 pounds in coins and was later found sitting by the riverbank counting the money he stole.

Rutter admitted assault and robbery in a Scottish court and said he was visiting his girlfriend in Scotland at the time.

Presiding over the case was Judge Lord Uist who called for background reports and then remanded Rutter into custody until February.

Online Slots Study Shows More Play For Fun Rather Than To Win

City_Stock_TradingA study by Oregon State University has shown that the majority of players that normally only choose the game of online slots do this for a hobby with very little interest in a big win.

Slots offline have normally been in bars for decades and people use the change from a drink to play on the slots so this does make sense.

These study’s are the foundation on what the online gambling market live or die by because they provide a rare insight into the minds of players which allow the casino marketing teams and retention teams to target accordingly.

Around 75% of offline casino revenue comes from the slots and in some cases known from online casinos the slots are what keep them in business but it seems rather then the high rollers they target they should be targeting the hobby players that don’t care about making up losses.

Slot players typically fall into four groups: bored people looking for something to do, players seeking a buzz, people who want to have fun and people looking to relieve stress. The last group, the “relaxation gamblers,” tends to be the most educated and affluent. Those players make up the majority of gamblers in the United States, according to surveys by slot manufacturers.

As for specific games, almost three-quarters of progressive players said their favorite game is “Wheel of Fortune.” “Jacks or Better” was by far the most popular video poker game

Online Casino Industry in Gibraltar Hit By Spanish Border Problems

Justice_Legal_CourtThe long time dispute between who is entitled to Gibraltar is now starting to take an effect on the Online Casinos whom operate out of Gibraltar.

For many years there has been a dispute between the ownership of Gibraltar that lies on the Iberian coast connected to Spain by a small passage of land which resulted in a complete closure of the border a few decades ago.

Spain is in crisis at the moment though a combination of mass corruption from the top down, general laziness of the Spanish population and the recent collapse of the boom fed real estate industry so they are trying to steal it back from the UK.

Spain keeps very quiet about the two outposts they have in Ceuta and Melilla on the North African coast but are very vocal in making a point that they should have Gibraltar back from the UK.

If Spain could take back Gibraltar from the English it could solve a lot of problems in helping restart the Spanish economy for a while, before Gibraltar was made financially bankrupt in same way Spain is.

Delays of up to 7 hours at the border are happening, such as today when I went to Morrisons to buy some pies and cake at midday but was held up by a large border que round the rock due to the passport control and customs going on a go slow.

Editors note: How you can tell when the Spanish are on a go slow just baffles me.

An Online Casino employee (who wishes to remain anonymous) who works in Gibraltar but resides in Spain told Rouletters ` Yeah its a pain in the butt and its really starting to affect things`.

There is drinking water available from a water bowser at the border crossing and there are medics on hand to help deal with the problems caused by the Spanish bullying, with people coming round to check on the cars while they hand out propaganda leaflets.

Costa Rica based Online Casino Inetbet allegedly using Black Hat SEO Spam.

Online Gambling ReviewBreaking news is coming through from Casinoaffiliateprograms forum that Inetbet has allegedly been stealing home page content from online gambling sites and using it for the much maligned technique of blog spam.

Inetbet is based in Costa Rica which is a jurisdiction that allows casino owners to operate without the gambling licence which so many company’s are bound to so there is no recourse for any of the owners who are allegedly the target of their theft.

Many Online Casino`s use techniques that violate the Google guidelines and are sometimes even possibly illegal but the blatant theft of content for use in Black Hat SEO blog spam is something which is quite unique.

Rouletters spoke to the victim of the alleged content theft and he said “We were quite surprised to notice that a large group like Inetbet would be interested in stealing content from our Online Casino HD. These are the type of actions one would expect from small time websites without proper marketing budgets or accountability. But I suppose in an SEO climate where gathering links for your website is getting increasingly difficult and some would say almost impossible these things will happen, no matter how much financial backing.”