William Hill Playtech Buyout Scares Gambling Competitors

Modern_City_BusinessWilliam Hill has long been a big player on the high street in the UK for Sports Betting or more in British slang as a Turf accountant but the recent Playtech buyout rumors are sending rival online casino`s into a spin.

Playtech is the leading provider of online casino software and power many of the major online casinos who are actually all competitors of William Hill.

For the purpose of this article i need to make it clear about William Hill and William Hill Online.
William Hill is a Turf Accountant or Bookmaker business based in Leeds UK.
William Hill Online is the Online Gambling part of William Hill based in Gibraltar.

William Hill Online own 29% of Playtech and apparently William Hill is trying to but the shares and more from their own company.

Any move on the part of shared and buying to do with Playtech scares the online casinos because they fear through the long standing profitable offline and online business William Hill and then William Hill Online have created they are in a position to buy out the entire Playtech Software provider which will make them the Kingpin and the ultimate big player in the Online Casino industry.

The current rumors are that William Hill has asked for a valuation of William Hill Online so they can buy out the Playtech stake in William Hill but until we get further information coming through there are lots of people guessing what will really happen.


Mohegan Sun Chooses Ongame For Their Online Poker Site

Better_PerformanceOngame poker network is the chosen network for the online version of the Mohegan Sun Casino in Connecticut.

Many of the old offline brick and mortar casinos are moving very quickly to fill the void from the banning of online gambling in the USA through the Ill conceived ports act in 2006.

Online casinos such as Partygaming and 888 lost the majority of their players when the USA forced payment processors out of business and as the brick and mortar casinos use their branding and stature to enter online poker through websites it is clear the online company without a presence in USA will never recover.

Early 2013 is the hopeful date for the launch of mohegansuncasino.com and it is expected that they will be a dominant player in the online space quite quickly due to not having to worry about legalities like non USA casinos.

This move to use Ongame for the Mohegan Sun Online Poker site is a first by an East Coast operation and it seems to some like a core part of the strategy of the casino moving forward.

The Tribal Gaming Authority of Mohegan own and operate the Mohegan Sun casino and since it opened in 1996 the casino has become the second biggest casino in the USA, employing 10`000 local people mainly tribal to create a 2007 declared revenue of $1.62 Billion.

Paypal Set to Layoff 325 Staff and 120 Contractors

Technology SecurityPaypal has long held its monopoly as the biggest peer to peer online payments system due in part to the early creation of the company.

In an effort to speed up deployment of new services which will help Paypal keep the crown of Online Payment King they have just announced they plan to Layoff as many as 325 staff and up to 120 worldwide contractors.

This move to slim down operations will allow Paypal to streamline their operation and will help to speed up deployment of new products or services.

Paypal is hoping that this shock news in a time when most online payments companies are adding staff will not affect their long term value and they have made some forward looking statements that only a short term hit will occur.

There are reported to be 117 million active users of Paypal and most of these users are happy with Paypal handling smaller online auction payments or payments between friends.

Online Gambling Company Sportingbet and William Hill Deal Looks Promising

Justice_Legal_CourtSportingbet didn’t favor the terms for acquisition by William Hill not so long ago but it seems that the Gibraltar based Gambling Cmpany has hit a home run this time and maybe this time the acquisition of Sportingbet looks more promising.

The Sportingbet – William Hill talks were apparently only in the very early stages and there was no promise of a solid deal early on.

Sportingbet has history going back to 1997 as one of the first to enter the online gambling world and with 700`000 across 26 country’s it surely is a pretty big player.

William Hill is one of the premier brands in the UK for sports betting and tote betting but has managed to shake off its old crusty betting shop image by creating a superb online presence.

Payoneer Pre Paid Cards To Enter Gibraltar

Justice_Legal_CourtPayoneer has long been just with Choice Bank in Belize but news is coming through that they are soon to locate in Gibraltar and start offering card to Europeans from Gib instead of Belize.

Payoneer have hand picked a high quality group to head up the Gibraltar team including the world famous ex police officer Mark Taylor as Money Laundering Reporting Officer.

The Gibraltar financial regulator approved the move sometime around the middle of 2012 to smooth the free entry of the Payoneer move to the EU marketplace.

Payoneer will keep its Research and Development tea in Tel Aviv, Israel which is also the base for many of the Marketing departments of the Online Casino in Gibraltar.
It is a private company with Greylock Partners, Crossbar Capital and Carmel Ventures but is known more for their ability to swiftly process payments for Affiliates, Freelance workers and Paying Staff.


Google Page Speed Service Privacy Scare

Google Page Speed

Google Page Speed

The Guys over at Syndk8.com have a very interesting write up on the disastrous Google Page Speed Service launched recently.

Google is using the smokescreen of their recent Google+ success to leverage positive public opinion in launching products that not only damage privacy of users but actually take away any privacy and security permanently.

The Syndk8.com Guys are some of the most technically advanced on the internet and see through any of the so called `do no evil` products that Google launch way before any regular users even consider the privacy issues.

Normally focused on Making Money Online, the Syndk8 guys also help people get  out of debt and build their seo empire while protecting themselves from any future problems that can occur on the internet.