Party Poker Reaches Deal, Now Legal In Belgium

Online poker players in Belgium heard good news on Friday as announced a partnership with Belcasinos, giving Party Poker access once again to the Belgian market. The Belgian gambling authority had placed Party Poker on its blacklist in May due to its failure to partner with brick-and-mortar operators in Belgium, and fined the company $100,000 for continuing to offer access to Belgians without a license. Belgian law mandates online poker companies form partnerships with Belgian casinos in order to win a license for online poker, casino and sports betting.

Party Poker now joins three other groups offering online poker to Belgians. Pokerstars/Circus Group controls one license. Golden Palace/Casino De Spa owns another, with Partouche/Casino de Dinant owning the third.

This agreement should put an end to the long-running battle between Bwin and Belgian gambling commission. ISPs in Belgium had blocked access to Party Poker, briefly detained BWin’s CEO Norbert Teufelberger in Brussells in November, with Belgian players facing stiff fines if they continued to play online with Party Poker. Party Poker in turn filed a lawsuit against the gaming commission, claiming the license requirements were against EU law.

Teufelberger and his co-chief executive Jim Ryan, said in a press release, “We are excited to have reached an agreement with Partouche to offer our market-leading products under license to consumers in Belgium. Following recent developments in Belgium and after further dialogue with the local regulator, we have put our differences of opinion behind us and are now focused on the immediate commercial opportunity.

“Together with our new partner we are now in the process of securing the necessary approvals to meet the requirements set by the BGC and do not expect any interruption to our service for customers in Belgium.”

Jacques Frojman, CEO of Belcasinos and Partouche Belgium, said:
“ is a market leader in online gaming with strong brands in sports betting, poker and casino. We are thrilled to be working with such a quality partner in Belgium.”

Online Casino Marketers Feel The Isreal Tension

Better_PerformanceFor several years now the hub of the online casino industry marketing industry has been based has been in Israel.

Israel is a tech hub and several of the Gibraltar Casinos such as and have day to day online casino operations on the rock but they have their marketing teams in Tel Aviv and other big Israel City`s.

With the recent war on the Gaza strip it seems the online casino industry is feeling the tension and the marketing efforts of the last few weeks have been in a drastic decline.


Survey Says UK Popuation In Favour of TV Gambling Such as Live Roulette

Tech WatchA survey conducted recently by one of the self confessed casino authorities has proven that as many as 22% of the population in the UK think that television gambling should be against the law.

49% of the UK population have no opinion on if to keep TV gaming legal or outlaw it.

But the most surprising result of this survey was that 28% of the population is in favor of keeping television gambling legal.

Unlike the usa that just bans things without thinking of the consequences. the uk does things like taxing online gambling and regulating it because if they ban it outright the online gambling company’s will just move to a friendlier location such as Gibraltar.

1000 households participated in the survey which was random for anonymity so that the interest in television could be monitored. and both have a high profile for television gambling and you can see it on mainstream tv channels though the night in the UK.

David Merry, the Director of Right Casino Media, the company who conducted the research, commented on the findings: “We’re fully in support of all the gambling channels on television providing they adhere to a strict code to ensure that only responsible adults can play. The game of live roulette has proved a popular and entertaining pastime, people shouldn’t victimise those who do gamble responsibly due to their own opinion – if you don’t like it then I’d recommend not watching the channel.”

CoolCat Online Casino Still Taking US Players!

coolcat casino

Coolcat Casino

I was just talking to one of the affiliate managers from coolcat casino and he informed me that even after all the problems with the government they are determined to fight for the rights of their customers to play online casino games.

Coolcat Casino are always looking for new players from the US and have some of the best sign up bonuses.

This is one serious casino with a reputation for honesty and trust with players and affiliates.

Keep your eye on Coolcat Online Casino because they do and will stand head and shoulders above the rest.


Jail Time for Card Counters at Foxwoods Resort Casino

Foxwoods Casino

Foxwoods Casino

Young Su Gy and Wokyung Kim traveled all the way from South Korea to play Macao-style-midi-Baccarat but they decided to stack the deck to give them the upper hand.

Many times last Autumn, Young Su Gy used a holdout device concealed in their sleeves so they could change the cards for their own and get an advantage.

A holdout device is something that can be used to very quickly and invisibly switch the cards or hold the cards to hide them which of course gives you an advantage over the house.

Kim was the lookout and distraction to Foxwoods Casino staff and helped shield Young Su Guy`s actions from other players at the tables or watching the players from behind.

The South Korean duo wagered and won many hundreds of thousands of dollars using deceptive ways to cheat the casino.
The pair confessed to cheating the casino of up-to $1million and they got one year in jail with a three years probation but they also had to pay back over $800`000 of their ill gotten gains.

Online Casino heats up as Sexy Steve and Earl Grey partner up

Online Casino Dog
Online Casino Dog

The world famous Black Hat SEO called Earl Grey and Sexy Steve of the lack luste Online Casino HD have decided in a move that will shock the industry with a plan to build the biggest network of affiliate sites ever known.

Earl Grey has many online casino sites and wants to welcome Online Casino HD and Sexy Steve into the world of the tea drinking Brits.