Calmer If A Little Slower On the Markets

City_Stock_TradingAfter some of the more volatile type of trading that we have seen in the online casino sector, today was relatively quiet by comparison. The numbers for most of the major players were a little on the lethargic side but not hugely damaging.

Monday November 23rd 2009 saw PartyGaming get a lift. At the start of the day 251.90 was the standing of the shares and the price stood at 257.50 at the closing bell. That is 2.52% higher than the 251.00 on Friday November 20th and leaves the price 0.58% down from 259.00 on Thursday November 19th.

Cryptologic shares also lost some ground on Monday November 23rd 2009. At the beginning of the day the share valuation stood at 3.41 and the share valuation stood at 3.52 at the conclusion of the day. This gives a price that’s 0.56% down from 3.54 on Friday November 20th and leaves the price 0.85% down on the Thursday November 19th price of 3.55.

By comparison William Hill was holding nice and steady. The valuation was the same share price as Friday November 20th and is 0.05% lower than the 186.60 on Thursday November 19th.

While this certainly does not suggest that the calmer times are here to stay, it was a welcome respite from the type of roller-coaster that some of these stock seem to have been on recently.