Bwin Accused of Shady Behavior

In what is becoming a disturbing pattern regarding the antics of sportsbook, a gambler is claiming Bwin wrongly cancelled a bet.

“On Friday 26th April I placed a £20 bet at odds of 4/1 for Deontay Wilder to win a boxing match in the first round against Audley Harrison,” said the bettor in a post on Sportsbook Review.  “On Saturday 27th April, 70 seconds into the first round Deontay Wilder won the fight by knock out, the time was 20:48pm GMT.  On Saturday 27th April at 21:54pm GMT Bwin cancelled my winning bet and refunded my original stake.”

The better made a number of phone calls and emails without being told the reason for the cancellation. He finally got his answer today: Bwin cancelled the winning bet because they believed the fight was scheduled for 12 rounds. Since it was a 10 round fight, all round bets were cancelled.

The bettor is upset the bet was cancelled  long after the fight was finished. “10 round or 12 round though my bet was still for a knockout in round 1,” he says. The odds were correct as well. “Most of the other gambling websites were offering 4/1 on a first round knockout for Deontay Wilder, all of these other bookies can’t also have got the odds wrong. ”

Sportsbooks have the right to void bets that have obvious line errors or other major mistakes. This case had none. Even worse, the voiding of the bet took place after the outcome of the bet was already known. It is apparent Bwin was in a position to take a free shot at this bettor. If the bettor lost, they could collect his bet. If he won, the bet would be voided.

There is no justification for Bwin to cancel these bets. It’s refusal to pay out should be a red flag to any potential bettor looking for a place to wager. Bwin has a history of closing accounts with no explanation  and booting out winning bettors.