Bovada, the Worst Sportsbook in the World, Tries Another Stunt

Dealing dual lines to its loyal customers apparently isn’t generating enough revenue for Bovada. They are now squeezing clients on their entertainment props. A thread at Two Plus Two gives the sad details.

“I bet over 1.5 how may times would katy perry be mentioned in the first half on Bovada and laid -150,” the poster Jon Locke said. “After she was clearly mentioned on two occasions I assumed that I won. Then when I checked my results I saw that I lost and they posted Book Manager’s decision is final. After numerous e-mails they stated it was a loss because her name was only mentioned one time. (my friend who had the same side of the bet texted me after both mentions, which is how I know that I clearly won). I’m assuming quite a few people had the over on this as I think it was a rather bad line.”

The exact wording of the prop was:
“SPECIAL (NE @ SEA) – How many times will Katy Perry be mentioned in the 1st Half?”

Jon Locke says the first instance was coming back from commercial break at the 13:57 mark in second quarter, and the second instance was coming back from commercial break at 2:16 mark in second quarter.

He continues. “After back and forth e-mails they stated…’If you’ll be able to prove that Katy Perry’s name was mentioned two times in the first half during the live broadcast, your wager will be settled as a push. The risked amount will be credited on your Bovada account.’

“I replied with videos of both instances referenced above as well as screen shots with the closed captioning on clearly stating Katy Perry on T.V. They responded….’Settlement for your wager is final as stated on your wager details. In case we received proof that Katy Perry’s name was mentioned twice, your wager will be settled as ‘Push’ and your risked amount will be credited.'”

Locke complained that he could get nowhere with Bovada’s customer service. “Despite asking for evidence, they have completely ignored what I sent them in and refuse to acknowledge or reference it in any correspondence.”

It all ended well, however. After clarifying that the Over/Under number for Katy Perry mentions was two, Bovada finally acknowledged a push.

“After about 13 e-mails and countless others from my friend they changed it to a push for both of us. I was surprised they didn’t send a e-mail as well saying sorry we made a mistake heres your money back but at least they changed it to the correct score. I have no idea if they did this for everyone (hopefully so) but at least they did for us.”

However, he added: “Its also the last entertainment prop I ever make at Bovada.”