Bovada Screws Another Customer Over

Most books that routinely rip off their customers go out of business quickly. Word spreads quickly in the gambling world, and it is never a good sign when a book is afraid to take a bet. It is a clear signal that the book is underfunded.

Bovada, however, has managed to survive for years pulling these types of stunts. Here is one story about Bovada trying to avoid paying off on a tiny Superbowl Bet about regarding Katie Perry.

And another one about sister book Bodog refusing to pay out a winner because they believed his winning bets were correlated parlays. The same type of parlays that lost, however, were not refunded.

We also took a look at Bovada’s refusal to answer questions regarding the way it profiles bettors and gives different gamblers different lines.

So it is no surprise to see Bovada crawl back into the mud again in their attempt to save a few bucks. The story, as told by a poster at

“I went to bovada to place two bets on the pga QLN this week, Daniel Berger to win 91-1 and first round leader at 109-1. Both were placed under review and within minutes, the to win was accepted and the first round leader was rejected because “the to win amount exceeds max amount allowed.” Ok, fine. I go to place the bet at a lower amount and the price has changed from 109-1 to 66-1 in less than 5 minutes. What?

I call in to talk with support about this. I feel I should be allowed to place that bet at that price originally offered if the only reason it was denied. The rep I spoke to says it was a bad number. If it was, fine. But whoever rejected the bet should give me that reason initially. Also, I don’t think it’s a bad number because everyone on the 109-1 frl range is in the 91-1 range to win. So if it’s a bad number, then they have a lot of bad numbers out and they’ve been out for a day now. In the end, I was told they can have final say and can make the numbers whatever they want.

Ultimately, I feel this is shady at best. I don’t understand dropping a number that much in less than 5 minutes. Appreciate any thoughts and comments people may have on either side.

Bovada has a habit of pulling tricks like this to its unsophisticated customer base. As the football season creeps closer and deposit season for sportsbooks gets underway, a gambler must do his due diligence before sending his hard-earned money to places like Bovada.