Blackhawks at Boston: Chicago Coach Joel Quenneville Discusses the Playoffs So far

The battle for the Stanley Cup heads to Boston tonight, with the Chicago Blackhawks +112 underdogs against the home town Bruins. Boston bounced back after suffering a hard-luck 4-3 loss in triple-overtime in game one as Daniel Paille scored the winner in the extra session for a 2-1 victory on Saturday. Tuukka Rask weathered a furious first-period storm to finish with 33 saves in the victory.

Blackhawks coach Joel Quenneville talks about the upcoming game three and the series so far:

About Chicago’s 0-3 record in game threes of this year’s playoffs:

COACH QUENNEVILLE: We played pretty well in Detroit when it was 1-1 in the series. We had a 2-0 lead in Minnesota. In L.A. maybe we were comfortable with the situation coming off two nice wins. I thought Detroit got our attention after game two. It was one of those games could have gone either way. Certainly that’s got to be our approach going into tomorrow’s game, desperate, something to prove. We’re not happy with the ending. We have to be better.

On the Blackhawks struggling power plays (just seven goals in 57 chances in the playoffs this season):

COACH QUENNEVILLE: We got to play our game. At the same time we felt the power play struggled, got ignited in the Detroit series, got us going. I think you got to expect at some point you’re looking for some production there. I know that both sides, they’re looking for their power play to get some production because there’s not a lot of high?quality chances five?on?five. But at the same time we got to look to, you know, maybe simplify it and play anything at the net, the second and third opportunities around there. The pretty plays aren’t there. If we think the pretty plays are there with power plays, they evaporate quickly.

On the difficulties of the Bruins being a physical team:

COACH QUENNEVILLE: It’s hard to gauge. I know you look at the hit sheet game to game, I think we’re always on the underside of it by whatever number or margin. You got certain guys that are more physical than others. I think we got to be harder to play against than we were last night. Game one is more representative of how we have to play to be successful. As long as we are not deterred in where we have to travel to be successful is something we’ll talk about. Boston, they’re a big team. At the same time we can’t get distracted knowing if we get out?hit, it makes a difference. Our guys have to travel, whether it’s to the net or first to pucks, we got to be there.

On the challenges of being down tied 1-1 in the series and on the road:

COACH QUENNEVILLE: We’re extremely excited about the challenge. I think it’s a great challenge. We went into Detroit, knew we had to win a game. We put ourselves in a tough spot there. We’re excited about being on the road. We haven’t been on the road in a bit.  The next couple games are back?to?back. With a day’s rest, we like playing hockey. With those extra days, we like to get back out there and play. Let’s play our game, play to our strengths. We’re excited about the challenge.

On what Boston did to change the game two momentum after Chicago dominated the first period of play:

COACH QUENNEVILLE: I don’t know whether it was what they did or what we didn’t do. Might have played a part in us getting slowed down in the middle of the ice. The neutral zone, the way they check, defend, they’re very patient in that area. Trying to make plays in there only plays into their favor. Let’s make sure there’s a purpose when we do go through the middle of the ice.

On what it is going to take to win the series:

COACH QUENNEVILLE: Well, I think that you want to stay to your game plan and you want to make sure you’re patient and have a purpose behind how you play, consistency in your team. Depth of your team is going to be important as well. We want to make sure we’re using everybody and contribute in the right way. We always talk about this rhyme or reason, how we play without the puck. To me that’s going to be very important as we go along in the series.