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Millions of people play the lottery every year, searching for the ultimate risk-little, get rich quick reward. A few win big. The latest winner, an anonymous man in South Carolina, pulled home a record $878 million dollar after picking six numbers on October 24. Most, however, end up with nothing but pieces of scrap paper as their winnings.

Sports bettors have their own version of the lottery every week, only this kind of lottery are called parlay tickets. Low risk, high reward. A bettor can make it as risky as possible, loading up his card with as many teams as he wants. The more teams, the more winnings if lightning strikes.

For most players who want to grind out a profit, parlays are not a good way to bet. A winning parlay card involves winning every single bet on the card. Four wins and one loss is a loser, just as costly to the bettor as one win and four losses on your card.

But a perfect 5-0 parlay card can more than make up for any losses. One such soccer better at, taking all underdogs prices, was able to turn 1 mBTC into 63 after hitting all five of his plays.

And thanks to a great Christmas promotion offered by <
, that winning bettor was able to double his winnings.‘s promotion, offered weekly through the new year, rewards the players who hit the biggest parlay each week.

“For the next 6 weeks, beginning today Wednesday, 21 November 2018, we will be doubling the winnings of the players with the highest odds, winning parlay for the week,” says

“Each weekly contest will run from Tuesday at 12AM EST through Monday at 1159PM EST. Any parlay placed and graded during this period, is eligible to win. The top three plays who have the highest odds listed on a winning ticket for the week will receive double the payout on that ticket, up to 100 mBTC.”

Three other “contests within the contest” are being offered by
1. The players with the 3 highest odds winning parlays throughout the contest.
2. The players with the most total parlays won (payout odds must be at least +100 to qualify).
3. The players with the winning betslips with the most selections in the parlay.

The top three players in each contest win up to 100 mBTC. More details and rules are detailed at, is one of the leading full service bitcoin sportsbook in the world. Accepting deposits in Bitcoin, Etherium, Litecoin, Ripple, Bitcoin Cash, Dash, and Monero, Betcoin has a full-service casino and poker room in addition to being a sportsbook.