Better But Not Impressive Numbers From Midweek

City_Stock_TradingOn the back of a flattering start to the week, the midweek numbers from across the online casino sector are now looking that bit healthier. Things a re still a b it on the mixed side bu the overall averages are certainly better than the type of numbers that we saw at the start of the week.

William Hill shares gained ground on Wednesday November 18th 2009. The share price stood at 188.00 at the day’s beginning and at the end of the day the share price was 190.50.

This price is 1.67% up on the Tuesday November 17th price of 187.30 and leaves the price 1.31% higher than the 188.00 on Monday November 16th.

PartyGaming stock also got a lift on Wednesday November 18th 2009. At the opening of trading 257.00 was the valuation of the shares and at the conclusion of trading the value of shares stood at 263.00.

This price is 2.85% up on the Tuesday price of 255.50 and this price is 2.58% higher than the Monday November 16th price of 256.20.

By contrast, shares in Cryptologic dipped on Wednesday. The price stood at 3.52 at the beginning of the day and at the end of the day the price was 3.50.

This leaves the price 1.25% down from 3.544 on Tuesday November 17th and is 7.14% lower than the 3.75 on Monday November 16th.

As these numbers shoe, things have certainly picked up from the start of the week but there is still a distance to travel for these numbers to be considered healthy.