Celebrity Gossip And Online Betting

Online GamblingSo here we are on the first day of the new year. One of the big trends among bookmakers in 2009 was the growth in betting on celebrity culture.

While some people may find the idea of betting on the events in the lives, personal or otherwise, of celebrities distasteful, the massive growth in the area showed that there is certainly an appetite out there for it.

So what drove this rise in betting on such things? Was it it ravenous appetite of the public that created the demand and the market simply reacted to it? Or, was it the online gambling industry being opportunistic?

While surveys of the search and general Internet activity of users often very wildly in many respects, one thing that they always do tend to agree on is the fact that users are virtually obsessed with celebrity culture. Time and time again, the Internet has shown us that people are far more interested in celebrity gossip than they are in weightier stories about politics, wars or other international news events.

It would certainly seem from a quick glance that the online betting industry is simply reacting to this appetite and filling a gap that already exists.

Whatever combination of reasons is at play here, one thing is relatively clear. We can certainly expect this trend to continue in 2010.

More Challenges Than Just Regulation

Online GamblingIt would be fair to suggest that of all the problems that the online casino industry has experienced over the last couple of years that the shifting sands of the regulatory environment in various different jurisdictions has been the largest.

There is no doubt that it has been a massive problem. The coming year certainly looks promising in terms of having this problem finally sorted out in a number of the larger jurisdictions.

At this time, on idea that the industry must guard against is the idea that the cleaning up of regulatory problems will simply solve everything. This is not the case.

It is only human nature to look at the largest part of an equation and imagine it to be the whole equation. This is something that the people who work within the industry must try to guard against.

The coming year will bring many challenges for the online casino industry and they will not all be of a regulatory nature.

Ladbrokes Entering Italian Market

Business_Building_NumbersLadbrokes is in the process of getting ready to enter the Italian online poker market in a serious way in the new year.

The Amministrazione Autonoma dei Monopoli di Stato is the state regulation authority in Italy and has granted a license to Ladbrokes to operate in the domestic online poker market.

The market in Italy is due o open up even more in the coming months and this move now by Ladbrokes not only secures entry into the online poker market but also leaves the company ideally places to take advantage of further opportunities as they arise in t he coming year.

There is already some fairly stiff competition on the Italian market. The situation is only set to become more competitive with the arrival of another big brand into the marketplace.

With all of the developments, the Italian market is definitely going to be an interesting one to watch in the coming year.

Cryptologic Doing A Deal With Betclic

Business_Deals_TechWe have heard a lot of talk about various different deals in the online casino industry recently and the latest news of this nature is that Cryptologic seems to be on the brink of doing a deal with Betclic the well known sports betting service provider.

This is likely to involve Cryptologic providing a range of branded games to Betclic and is the latest in a long list of deals with high profile retail providers that Cryptologic has entered into.

It has been very much a tactic of the company in resent times to build its market share through partnerships with large as easily recognizable brands from the retail ens of the industry. This deal would also seem to follow that template that has been successful for the company in the last couple of years.

While Betclic has a stronger background in online sports betting, the company has been moving into the casino end of the market in recent times and this deal suggests that a stronger push in that directions is now part of the company’s strategy for the immediate future.

Online Casino – Where Will 2010 Take Us?

JackpotOne of the things that all business sectors have in common is a desire to guess where trends might be going in the immediate future. The online casino industry is no different in this regard and we have now entered a time where the industry as a whole is trying to do this on two major fronts.

Firstly, we have the constantly changing outlook in terms of regulation. In the United States we have the 6 month delay on UIGEA implementation. There is a very positive mood around at the moment with regard to this but will it actually lead to the introduction of a regulatory environment?

The US is not the only country with this type of confusion and 2010 will also be a year where the industry will be looking for legislative clarity in many other countries as well including several European jurisdictions.

The other area that will have everybody guessing is customer habits and how those will affect the industry in the coming year. One of the main initiatives that is underway at quite a number of online casinos at the moment is the introduction of real-time live dealer gaming.

While market research suggest that this is something that customers want, the general public has a way of saying one thing and then ding something else when actually presented with the options. Just ask any politician who was ahead in the polls only to lose the election how reliable polls are.

In the midst of all this uncertainty one thing is clear, 2010 will be a roller-coaster of a year for the industry even though the destination of that roller-coaster is still not in view.

Old Traditional Games Still Going Strong

Online Gambling ReviewOne thing that has expanded immensely over the last few years in the online casino industry is the number of games available.

There has been a massive explosion in the number of different games that people can play. Granted, a lot of these games are either variations on traditional games or simply rebranded versions but there is still no denying that there is now an overwhelming level of choice available.

In the midst of all this one could be forgive for coming to the conclusion that the older traditional are suffering badly from all this additional competition. While all of these new games have undoubtedly had an effect on the market share of the traditional games, it has not been anything like as dramatic as one might expect.

Games such as roulette and blackjack have been holding up extremely well against the new competition and have actually grown their share of the market in some countries.

While the number of new kids on the block is certainly set to grow in the coming year, it would seem that the old reliable games are still in an extremely healthy state.