As Bitcoin Surges, New Contests At Nitrogen Sports Are Announced

Baseball calls them “post-hype prospects”. Players who have dominated the minor leagues, gotten called up to The Show, and proceed to immediately fall on their face. The sheen wears off, and fans forget all about the underlying skills that made them prospects in the first place. The prospect, on the other hand, has overcome his earlier troubles and is now a solid major leaguer.

Bitcoin has entered the post-hype phase of its ‘career’. First a steady increase through the cryptocurrency system, then a meteoric rise to over $20,000 in December 2017, followed by a slow bleeding that was saw its price dip down to $3,200. The once hot prospect had blew out its arm. The strong survive, however, and bitcoin has slowly climbed back up to the $5,600 range.
Through the ups and downs of bitcoin, Nitrogen Sports has weathered the storm. Initially opening up as a fiat sportsbook in 2012, Nitrogen added a bitcoin deposit option in March 2013. They moved exclusively to bitcoins after launching in November 2013.

In the six years since the switch to cryptocurrencies, Nitrogen has built a loyal base of uses and won industry praise for their timely payouts and willingness to take on all comers. Nitrogen does not require user names, allowing anonymity to its customers. Hand in hand with this anonymity is a lack of deposit bonuses; bonus whores have no need to open multiple accounts using multiple names because bonuses are non-existent.

Instead of offering deposit bonuses, Nitrogen focuses on contests that reward its loyal customers. The upcoming NBA and NHL finals are a great example of this; over 10 BTC ($56,000) will be given away to customers if both the championships finals conclude with sweeps or go to the seventh game.

If the finals don’t end in sweeps or go Game 7s, there will still be prizes handed out. Nitrogen will be giving away 0.06 BTC* for each game played during the finals in both leagues. For example, if the NBA Finals ended in Game 6 and the NHL Finals went to a Game 7, there will be .78 BTC in the prize pool (13 games * .06 BTC).

Qualification for these contests are simple. A player must make a four-leg parlay on the NBA or NHL during the playoffs. The minimum bet is .002 BTC. Players must submit a betslip with their contest submissions, and have an email address on file that is linked to the Nitrogen account.

Another contest, already underway, is called the NBA x NHL Crossover Parlay Promo. Players simply need to tweet a valid 6-leg parlay betslip link on Twitter with the hashtag #NitroNBAxNHL. The NBA x NHL parlay must consist of at least 3 NBA lines and at least 3 NHL lines, and runs until the conclusion of the NBA finals. Up to two entries per week during the playoffs can be submitted each week. Win or Lose, players can earn up to a 0.02 BTC free bet weekly during the promotion.

Bitcoin books like Nitrogen offer a special incentive to bettors. Since wagers are done in BTC, a rise in bitcoin prices also means high payouts for winners. This usually isn’t a big deal in daily wagering. While the price of bitcoin fluctuates greatly, there are limits to how fast it will grow in one day. Future bettors, however, can reap the reward of a bitcoin price surge. If the price goes high, so will the winnings. The opposite is true, obviously, but believers in bitcoin don’t have to get trade his bitcoin for fiat money in order to make a bet. In the long run, that’s the value Nitrogen adds to the betting world.

Big Parlay Promotion Now Running at

Millions of people play the lottery every year, searching for the ultimate risk-little, get rich quick reward. A few win big. The latest winner, an anonymous man in South Carolina, pulled home a record $878 million dollar after picking six numbers on October 24. Most, however, end up with nothing but pieces of scrap paper as their winnings.

Sports bettors have their own version of the lottery every week, only this kind of lottery are called parlay tickets. Low risk, high reward. A bettor can make it as risky as possible, loading up his card with as many teams as he wants. The more teams, the more winnings if lightning strikes.

For most players who want to grind out a profit, parlays are not a good way to bet. A winning parlay card involves winning every single bet on the card. Four wins and one loss is a loser, just as costly to the bettor as one win and four losses on your card.

But a perfect 5-0 parlay card can more than make up for any losses. One such soccer better at, taking all underdogs prices, was able to turn 1 mBTC into 63 after hitting all five of his plays.

And thanks to a great Christmas promotion offered by <
, that winning bettor was able to double his winnings.‘s promotion, offered weekly through the new year, rewards the players who hit the biggest parlay each week.

“For the next 6 weeks, beginning today Wednesday, 21 November 2018, we will be doubling the winnings of the players with the highest odds, winning parlay for the week,” says

“Each weekly contest will run from Tuesday at 12AM EST through Monday at 1159PM EST. Any parlay placed and graded during this period, is eligible to win. The top three plays who have the highest odds listed on a winning ticket for the week will receive double the payout on that ticket, up to 100 mBTC.”

Three other “contests within the contest” are being offered by
1. The players with the 3 highest odds winning parlays throughout the contest.
2. The players with the most total parlays won (payout odds must be at least +100 to qualify).
3. The players with the winning betslips with the most selections in the parlay.

The top three players in each contest win up to 100 mBTC. More details and rules are detailed at, is one of the leading full service bitcoin sportsbook in the world. Accepting deposits in Bitcoin, Etherium, Litecoin, Ripple, Bitcoin Cash, Dash, and Monero, Betcoin has a full-service casino and poker room in addition to being a sportsbook.

March Madness Gambling:, A Good Option for Sports Bettors

The NCAA tournament is just around the corner, and with the Madness comes the gambling and the brackets. March Madness is Madness only because of the brackets and gambling. Without the brackets, obscure games involving mediocre college basketball teams would have as much interest as MLB spring training games currently taking place. Throw a point spread or bracket into the mix, however, and you’ll see millions of Americans skipping work to watch schools like Kansas State facing off against the likes of Butler or Creighton.

Sportsbooks that focus on bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are in prime position to take advantage of these spot bettors. The ease and simplicity of sending bitcoin to fund your wagers are what sets bitcoin sportsbooks apart from other typical internet sportsbooks.

One prime example is Jetwin, one of the oldest crypto-currency casinos in the world, opened its doors as a bitcoin sportsbook in 2013. It has expanded its offerings to a live casino as well as slots. Live dealer games include baccarat, roulette, blackjack, and casino hold ‘em. The casino slots games, provided by Endorphina, is also provably fair, meaning players can actually verify that the games offered are on the up and up. With its casino games, Jetwin offers players the options of playing in traditional currencies like the Euro or US dollar

Jetwin has added other cryptocurrencies to its Cashier page. Litecoin, commonly referred to as “silver to Bitcoin’s gold”, offers a fast and cheap way to fund an account. Dash coin, focused on providing its users higher degrees of privacy than bitcoin, is also accepted by Jetwin. Deposits in Litecoin and Dash are converted to bitcoin by Jetwin. Gamblers make all wagers in bitcoin.

A wide range of sports are available for pregame wagering for sports gamblers. Even better is Jetwin’s live betting. From Swiss hockey to women’s soccer, Jetwin has a tremendous number of games where a bettor can make in-game wagers at competitive prices. No other btc book offers as many in-play matches as Jetwin, they report.

Players who worry about anonymity have also found a home at Jetwin. There is no “Know Your Customer” procedure to deal with. While this also means sign-up bonuses are non-existent, Jetwin has come out with an alternative promotion designed to reward its bettors with free bets.

$ 50 FreeBet every day

Place as many single or multi bets as you like, each bet with total odds of 2.50 (US +150) or higher, and get a FreeBet up to $ 50 every day!

The more you bet, the higher the FreeBet you get!

We’re crediting FreeBets at the end of every day. Each daily round starts at 08:00 UTC and ends 24 hours later at 07:59 UTC. All qualifying bets settled within the respective time period will count towards the daily round. See the table below to see what prizes you can win.


$ 10 – $ 19.99* $ 1 FreeBet
$ 20 – $ 29.99* $ 2 FreeBet
$ 30 – $ 49.99* $ 3 FreeBet
$ 50 – $ 99.99* $ 5 FreeBet
$ 100 – $ 149.99* $ 10 FreeBet
$ 150 – $ 199.99* $ 15 FreeBet
$ 200 – $ 499.99* $ 20 FreeBet
$ 500 or more* $ 50 FreeBet
*or currency equivalent

FreeBets are credited to customers automatically after the end of each respective daily round.
Example: You place two bets, each with odds of US +150 or higher and a stake of $ 10. In total you’ve placed qualifying bets with a total stake of $ 20. Both bets are settled within the same daily round (08:00 – 07:59 UTC) and at the end of this round you’ll get a $ 2 FreeBet.

The Unexpected Bonus of Using Bitcoin Sportsbooks

August is always a big month for sports bettors. Baseball is heading into the stretch run, and King Football is gearing up. The Hall of Fame game, the first preseason game of the year for the NFL, kicked off on August 3rd. By the following week, each NFL team had played a preseason game. Sports books geared up as well, offering great bonuses and perks to sports bettors looking to reload their betting accounts for the upcoming football season.

Many of those sports bettors funded their new accounts using bitcoin (BTC). Bitcoin, a curiosity just a few years ago, is now the premier method of depositing and withdrawing from online sportsbooks. A bettor sends the sportsbook his bitcoin, and a short time later his account is credited with the US dollar equivalent of that bitcoin. On August 1, a single BTC was worth about $2700. A player who sent deposited one BTC at a sportsbook like would then have $2,700 to play with in his account.

In theory, the ease of funding an account is great news. In 2017, however, the sports bettor who sent in a bitcoin to 5Dimes just screwed himself out of some major winnings. Bitcoin today is worth $7,500. Had that sports bettor just held onto his bitcoin, he would have nearly tripled his money. By doing nothing. No work. No bad beats. No sweat.

And also no fun. Sports betting is a great hobby to have, keeping a sports fan interested in games that normally would never merit a second glance to the fan. If the fan misses out on a few dollars due to bitcoin’s increased popularity, so be it., however, allows that fan to both make his bet and keep the bitcoin. BitcoinRush’s action is all in bitcoin. When a bettor deposits his bitcoin into the sportsbook, he will also be betting in bitcoin. His wins and losses will come from that deposited bitcoin. BitcoinRush doesn’t convert the player’s deposits into fiat currency, enabling that bettor to reap the benefits of a rising bitcoin as well as hot streak at the sportsbook.

For example, if a player deposits a bitcoin at 5Dimes and doubled his money after a winning streak, he would have $5,400 in his 5Dimes account. When he cashes out, that $5,400 would be converted using bitcoin’s current price. So, after doubling his money and cashing out today, that winning bettor would be sent .72 BTC. He lost BTC, despite doubling his money.

BitcoinRush, on the other hand, would send that bettor 2 BTC rather than the .72 BTC from 5Dimes. Since all the action was in bitcoin, all the profit was in bitcoin as well. The bettor, after sending in a BTC worth $2,700 in August, would receive 2 BTC worth $15,000 when cashing out.

Bitcoin is obviously not going to triple in value every few months. But BTC’s long term trend is clear. The supply of BTC is limited, and demand only getting higher. Any bettor who uses his bitcoin to play at sportsbook that converts the bitcoin to fiat is likely leaving a lot of money on the table.

BitcoinRush has been in business since 2013. Specializing in casino games initially, it has gradually expanded its offerings due to player demand. It offers reduced vig and payouts that can be as quick as 10 minutes or as long as 8 hours, depending on the time of day a player tries to withdraw. Their lines are similar to Pinnacle Sports, with high limits and anonymous wagering. “In four years of operating,” says BitcoinRush in one post, “we’ve never ID’d anyone.”

Beware the Airport Bet: Dangerous Times for Sports Bettors

Sportsbooks taking bitcoin are like weeds cropping up after a rain. Good news for bettors who like line variety. Bad news for bettors who know which sportsbooks are trustworthy. There is no Better Business Bureau for sportsbooks. While outstanding work is done over at, there is still the inherent risk factor involved in sending hard-earned money to unknown, anonymous businesses on the internet.

This time of the year is especially dangerous for players at bitcoin sportsbooks. Football is king to American bettors, and (in theory) a cash cow for sportsbooks. And sadly for those bet makers and bet takers, football is almost over. Just three games remain, with the conference championship games taking place this weekend.

With the end of football comes the possibility of “airport bets”. Years ago, a sportsbook called Ace’s Gold found itself in trouble. Loose bonuses and poor bookmaking put the company on the brink. Desperate to survive, Aces’s Gold owner Charlie Therwhanger made one huge gamble. Therwhanger offered New England +14.5 in the 2002 Superbowl while the entire world was offering New England +14. Sharp bettors, always out to find the best line, hammered New England. Rams backers, on the other hand, bet elsewhere.

The inevitable happened. New England won the game outright. Therwhanger and Aces Gold vanished, screwing over his customers for up to $10 million.

Bitcoin has made such scenarios much easier to pull off. Thanks to the anonymity offered by the cryptocoin, a man living in his parent’s garage can set up his own sportsbook and quickly be in business. A player’s only defense is his own due diligence.

A key part of the due diligence involves the length time a sportsbook has been in business. The test of time will destroy fragile, poorly run sportsbooks. The ones that have already survived the ups and downs will be more likely to survive future hard times as well. is one of these long-surviving sportsbooks. Betcoin opened up shop in 2013, a year that began with bitcoin priced at $12. It ended 2013 at $752, and has bounced between $175 and $1,100 since. A sportsbooks that can handle such swings has proven it is in the game for the long haul. Betcoin has shown that. Nitrogen is also in the same category, a book that has shown strength through the good times and the bad.

Yet due diligence is still needed. A player should limit the amount of bitcoin stored in offshore sportsbooks as the football season winds down. Keep just enough on hand to make that day’s bets. If you need more money in your account, it shouldn’t be a problem. It should take minutes for quality bitcoin books like Betcoin and Nitrogen to handle the deposit. Good sportsbooks make withdrawing and depositing quick and easy. Those that don’t, avoid.

Who Are the Elite Bitcoin Sportsbooks in the World? Two Stand Out

As bitcoin enters the new year at near record highs, it is time to take another look at which bitcoin sportsbooks are still thriving. Bitcoin offers an ease of funding and withdrawal unseen to the U.S. gambling community since the days of Neteller. But with that ease, comes the danger of fly-by-night sportsbooks. An unscrupulous sportsbook can vanish without a trace, taking all the funds with them and leaving its customers with little chance of recovering their money. Peeps Place at has tackled this problem with his outstanding rating system, taking into account the input of each sportsbooks’ customers as well as other variables to help determine a book’s quality.

In his latest ratings, Nitrogen and remain the class of the bitcoin sportsbooks. In business for through the various booms and busts of bitcoin, both sportsbooks have shown the ability to withstand the vast changes that have occurred with bitcoin. Peeps Place entire ratings, as shown at

“A” rated books A+ (2012) A- (2013)

“B”rated books B (2013) B (2013)

“C” rated books C (2016) C- (2011) C-(2013)

“D” rated books D+ (2016) D+ (2015) D (2016) D (2016) D- (2014)

“F” rated books
Ball2Win F ……………………..accepting deposits. They are under the same license as “F” book gobetgo
BetCas F ……………………….accepting deposits but they have confiscated funds from multiple players.
BTCBonusBook (2015)………. accepting deposits with no payout history.
Casinoco (2015)……………….accepting deposits but not paying out all players.
Coindrafts F (2014)
Webetcoins F (2014
Bitbm F ………………………..accepting deposits but not paying out all players.
Bitcoinsport F
Bitcoinlivebets F
Coinbet F
Ghostbook (TOR)
Gobetgo F (2013) F
StakeBTC F
Blockbet F
Bitbook F

BetVIP – closed 6/12/15

Maximum grade based upon time in business:

A – 2 years
B – 1 year
C – 3 months
D – 1 month