Are Live Dealers Going Mainstream?

TechnologyThe business of predicting the future has always been at best a very precarious one. I’m sure at some stage almost everybody will have seen predictions from the 1950s or 1960s where we are all supposed to be traveling in flying cars by now and have personal domestic robots.

There are far too many reasons to get into here as to why this type of predicting is complete folly but in the context of the online casino industry one of the things that people have been predicting for a while now how the face of the industry will be completely changed by live real-time dealers.

This is something that has been introduced at a number of online casinos but is as yet, something that takes up a very small percentage of the overall online gambling.

As gaming technology has improved and so has broadband in both terms of speed and proliferation, the likelihood of the widespread adoption of live online dealers has become far more likely but has still not taken hold.

There is also quite a lot of anecdotal evidence to suggest that consumers are very interested in the idea.

Could 2010 be the year that live online dealers go mainstream?