Another Awful Night for the Pros

Day One of the Pregame Project turns out about as well as expected. The handicapping geniuses at had another horrible night; no suprise to the informed, considering the vast majority of the cappers have lost money betting over the past nine months.

Ah, who am I kidding? The Pregame group probably haven’t lost much over the past nine months because they likely stopped betting real money a long time ago. Touts don’t gamble. They sell.

So onto last night’s wreckage. 20 Pregame pros sold picks last night. Six turned a profit. 14 lost money. Let’s take a look at those 14 losers.

Dr. Ed Meyer, 0-5 $-720
Joe Gavazzi, 0-2 $-660
Spartan, 1-2 $-290
Marco D’Angelo, 1-2 $-258
Denver Money, 0-1 $-230
Tony George, 0-2 $-220
Fezzik, 0-1 $-220
King Creole, 0-1 $-220
Stephen Nover, 1-1 $-200
Vegas-Runner, 3-4 $-170
Bryan Leonard, 1-2 $-150
Dave Essler, 1-1 $-145
Scott Spreitzer, 1-1 $-120
Chuck Edel, 1-1 $-14

The aftermath is always part of fun. Nothing is more entertaining than seeing a tout sell his wares after losing the previous night. Vegas Runner, God bless him, hops on Twitter this morning to say this:

Cashed back-2-back #NFAC 3* MLB 1st 5 INN Bets to make it 31-8 (79%) in 2014 on 1st 5/1st Half Premiums.. $100 Bettor has WON +$6,190 !!

Vegas Runner doesn’t mention his losing night last night. He also didn’t mention his overall losing record. He just picked out one of the subsets that won and promoted that.

That’s how touts work. #DoDamage indeed!