Andrea Pirlo is now the face of 1xBet

Andrea Pirlo has a new gig.

Not many people are excited about this news, however. 1xBet has one of the worst reputations in the world when it comes to bookmaking. The Italian Serie A suspended their sponsorship deal with 1xBEt last November. One gambler talked about his experience with 1xBet:

I registered with them two months ago depositing 100,00 EUR and and withrawing 602,00 EUR.

Last week I deposited 3.600,00 EUR which I built up to a bankroll of 6.702,20 EUR.

As I wanted to withdraw an amount a further verification process kicked in during which I fully complied by sending all required documents and responding to all questions.

Instead of completing the account verification process including allowing me to withdraw as usual, I received a vague email claiming I was doing fraud actions, saying they would stop any futher collaboration and allowing me only to withdraw the deposited sum. Also they were saying that their decision is final and every request regarding this topic will be ignored.

As a result all my placed wagers where voided (cashback) and my account had a new balance of 3002,20 EUR which I was able to withdraw. Normally the balance should have been 3600,00 EUR as I deposited this sum.

After getting back to them they apologizied and are “generously” adding another 95,80 EUR to my account which I can withdraw now.

Now they are not reacting to anything like they stated earlier.

Hence the total scam is 3.604,20 EUR.

I have not done any fraud actions. My only crime is that I got lucky and won big.

This is a lot of money and from what I am reading about them online here and in various other forums and platforms about refusing to pay out large sums and scamming and robbing their customers point blank without any reasons I am more than deeply concerned.

Users on Twitter showed no mercy to Pirlo:

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