Against The Grain And Holding Nicely For 888

Better_Performance888 Holdings PLC gained ground on Tuesday November 17th 2009.

After the slow start to the trading week for the online casino sector that we outlined here yesterday, 888 Holdings was one of the companies that did that bit better than the average numbers from across the board today.

Th company price had held up reasonably well yesterday after a poor finish to last week and continued that trend today.

The share price stood at 101.30 at the opening of trading and at the end of the trading period 105.60 was the valuation of the shares. This price is 2.2% up from 103.20 on Monday November 16th and leaves the price 3.8% up on the Friday November 13th price of 101.50

During the day’s trading 101.19 was the lowest value of the shares while at another stage the high watermark for the shares was 106.00. The volume for the day comes in at 1.04 M.