A Lower Opening For Paddy Power

Technology_MarketsPaddy Power lost ground on Monday September 14th 2009 after some very steady trading days on the market last week.. There was also a lack of interest in terms of the numbers of shares traded today with the real volume of trades for the whole day finishing up at 17,791

At the beginning of the day 19.20 was the standing of the shares and by the end of trading 19.35 is what the shares stood at.

That price is 1.29% lower than the Friday September 11th price of 19.60 this gives us the same as the price on Friday September 11th

During the day’s trading 19.56 was the highest price for the shares while during another period 19.20 was the low watermark for the shares this is over the course of the day, between low and high a total of 0.78 percent variance .

This may mark the end of a strong period of trading for the company as the shares opened well last week and were nice and stable towards the end of the week but ultimately we will have to wait and see.

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