A Little Hammering For 888

Modern_City_BusinessShares in 888 Holdings PLC took a bit of a hammering on Wednesday September 9th 2009. The volume upon conclusion of trading finished at 239,756 which would also be considered to be on the very low side for the company.

Just to put the volume in context, it’s also worth mentioning that the volume of shares trades throughout the day on Tuesday finished at 3.44 M and the volume of shares trades on Monday finished at 1.10 M

At the beginning of the day the price was 86.00 and at the conclusion of trading the value of shares stood at 85.55 . That is 2.86 percent lower than the 88.00 on Tuesday September 8th and is 1.11% lower than the 86.50 on Monday September 7th

Over the course of the day 85.3024 was the lowest price for the shares while during another phase 86.97 was the highest price for the shares this is during the day’s trading, between low and high 0.5 percent difference.

It will be interesting to see if things start to smooth out for the company over the next couple of trading days up to the weekend.